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Lining Refrigerator Shelves With Drawer Liner

This tutorial will teach you the best ways of lining refrigerator shelves with drawer liner so you don't have to clean up spills on the shelves!

Now I know that the title of this blog post seems odd. I mean, what weirdo would line their refrigerator shelves with drawer liner? And why would that weirdo do such a thing? Well, I am that weirdo. And I do that because I have found my refrigerator stays cleaning with the drawer liner. 

I don’t use just any drawer liner, I use The Duck Brand Clear Classic liner. This liner acts as a barrier which helps keep the shelves clean.

Back when we lived in our condo, I never lined my fridge shelves. I mean, there were just two responsible adults living in the condo. So why would I need to worry about spills or splatters all over the refrigerator?

Fast forward to two kiddos, and we need all the refrigerator organization and cleaning tips we can find. So I am sharing how to use drawer liner to line your refrigerator shelves.

Why Line Refrigerator Shelves?

The entire purpose of lining anything is to create a barrier between your items and the drawers/shelves themselves. That barrier is to help you keep your stuff clean. So let’s say you line your kitchen drawers with a drawer liner. That drawer liner is acting as a barrier between whatever you put in that drawer and the drawer itself. If something spills, you can clean the drawer liner (or remove the liner) to ensure the drawer stays clean and looks like new. 

The same idea goes with lining your refrigerator. When you use drawer liner, it acts as a barrier between items you place in your refrigerator and the shelves. So when something spills, you can remove the drawer liner to wash and clean. Which helps you keep your refrigerator shelves clean. And you aren’t leaving the refrigerator door open for long periods of time to clean up the mess of the spill. 

fridge with glass shelves and liner to keep items tidy

How To Line Refrigerator Shelves?

So how do you go about lining your refrigerator shelves?

Start by getting The Duck Brand Clear Classic Liner. I love this liner for lining wire shelves and glass shelves. This liner is magical because it can give your wire shelves a sturdier feel so cans and boxes don’t get all wobbly. 

Cut the liner to the size of the shelf. I use sharp scissors. If you aren’t sure if your scissors are sharp, cut a few pieces of tin foil to sharpen them!

Then place the liner on the shelf.

Place all items that you want on that shelf back. I suggest grouping similar items together on each shelf. Things like condiments can go together. Leftovers should be stored together, preferably at eye-level so you have that visual reminder to actually eat them! Fruits and veggies can be stored together. You get the idea!

Repeat for each shelf and drawer. 

Lining the drawers is also helpful. When you have a spill in a drawer, it always seems to get caked onto the bottom of the drawer. But with a liner, you can remove it and scrub it. So that you don’t get mold growing in your refrigerator!


full fridge with shelf liner to keep things organized

Other Ways To Use Drawer Liner

I know, this isn’t really a difficult process. But you will feel much better when that first spill happens are you just have to scoop up the drawer liner to wash out. No more scrubbing that spill! But did you know that The Duck Brand Clear Classic liner can be used for many other things?

I shared a few ways you can use The Duck Brand Clear Classic liner around your home. Because I know your entire refrigerator won’t use one whole roll. So go get to lining all the things!

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fridge liner in drawers on shelves

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