Today, I’m sharing 5 kitchen organizing hacks! Organizing your kitchen can feel like a big project, but it doesn’t need to with these 5 hacks.

A lot of times, we go to clients’ houses and they ask for a whole kitchen reorganization. So we take everything out, reorganize it, and put it all back. But when it’s all done, they find they’d prefer to leave some things where they were before. The truth is you don’t always need to do a big reorganization in your kitchen. Sometimes you just need little tweaks. 

If you know the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you know that one thing spirals into another. By the end, your whole kitchen is tidy, organized, and amazing. So that’s what I suggest if there are spots in your kitchen that you really like.

Don’t take everything out, just focus on the areas that are bugging you and fix them. 

Tidy and organized kitchen

5 Kitchen Organizing Hacks

  • #1. Use post-it notes to plan your space.

This first kitchen organizing hack is helpful when you know you need to reorganize your storage. We have a whole video where Sarah shows you how she uses post-it notes to organize her whole kitchen before putting everything away. It’s a simple way to plan when you’ll store things in your kitchen. As you decide what you want in each space, label them with post-it notes. Then, work with the post-it notes to decide what really feels right before putting everything away. 

I suggest post-it noting everything—even the things that you don’t think you want to move. 

  • #2. Create a snack station.

When the kids are home for the summer (or for homeschooling), I like to give them easy access to snacks. That way, they’re not always asking me. I use stackable pantry bins from the Container Store these to do this. You can fit a lot in each bin (bags of chips, reusable sandwich bags, cheese sticks, yogurt, etc.). They also make smaller bins that fit into the larger bins. 

If you’re curious for more info, check out my video and a blog post on how we create a snack station

  • #3. Adjust the shelves in your cabinets.

This kitchen organizing hack might seem so basic, but when we do this with clients, they are amazed. A lot of kitchens are built with cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. It’s great for extra storage, but the downside is that you can’t reach anything above the second or third shelf unless you’re 6 feet tall! I recommend moving some of those higher shelves down. You can store plates or short glasses on narrower shelves, and store taller items higher.

By doing this, you also create space for more shelves if you want. All you have to do is go to Lowes or Home Depot to get some MDF or melamine boards cut to size. Then, you can get the little prongs to set in the cabinet, and there you go! You just gave yourself a whole extra shelf for really cheap!

Tip: This is great for storing platters. If you try stacking all of your platters on top of each other on one shelf, you’ll never use them. But if you just put 1-2 platters on each shelf and you use more narrow shelves, you create great extra storage and easier access. 

  • #4. Add extra drawers for your fridge or pantry. 

This is another super simple and easy kitchen organizing hack. If you’re already using all the drawers in your fridge or pantry and you feel like you could use more, buy drawers. You can store loose items in them and still have space on top of the drawer for more storage or stacking more drawers. You can get it from The Container Store. 

  • #5. Create a questionable kitchen item box. 

While you’re going through your kitchen, you might find items that you aren’t sure that you need or use, put them in a plastic container with an air-tight lid in the basement. If you end up needing it, you can grab it. If you don’t end up needing it, you can get rid of it! A lot of season stuff doesn’t need to be stored in your kitchen year-round. So if you have a smaller kitchen, store only what you use daily or weekly in your kitchen. Store your specialty items somewhere else, and get rid of what you don’t ever use. 

And that’s it! Five kitchen organizing hacks that will help you create a tidy and organized kitchen. 

Five Kitchen Organizing Hacks