Anyone else starting to think about back-to-school??

As a former teacher, August always gets me in the school mood, so I love all the back-to-school shopping, organizing, and prepping!!

I get the kids drawers organized so they can find their clothes. I like to make sure all their clothes are file folded in their drawers with the graphic facing out.

I spend Sundays getting the food all prepped by setting up the fridge and freezer.  I cut all the fruits and veggies. I plan out our menu for the week, and clean out the fridge from any leftovers we didn’t end up eating.

And I clean up the mud room and command center for all the papers and info coming in from the upcoming week. I will take some time to file old papers, take pictures of the artwork, and clean out the backpacks.

back to school checklist

Another thing I do to start prepping for back-to-school is making some visual checklists for the kids to keep our mornings running smoothly.

A visual checklist uses pictures and words to create a step-by-step breakdown of everything that the kiddos have to do for a smooth and easy morning!

So I am sharing a morning routine checklist with the full tutorial AND free printable over on Giggles Galore!

morning routine back to school checklist

Using my former teacher skills, the checklist breaks down each step of the kiddos morning routine so they can complete that step to keep the mornings running smoothly.

One thing I would do when I was teaching was use a clipboard to hold the checklists for my students. I would add velcro to the back of the clipboard to store the extra steps for the checklist.

So head over to Giggles Galore to download the FREE morning routine printable and get the full tutorial for how to create a morning routine checklist!!

back-to-school checklist