Whether it be at work or at home, things can easily pile up on your desk, causing tons of clutter to take over your working space. From papers to kids’ artwork to bills, things can always pile up on your desk because that is the landing place before things get filed or paid. But what easy ways can you keep your space tidy? I have some tricks on how to keep your desk clutter free!

Keeping your desk space organized, doesn't have to be tricky. Follow these 6 quick and easy desk organization ideas from a professional organizer! #deskorganization #organized

How To Keep Your Desk Clutter Free

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Go Paperless

Are you one of those people who collect Post-It notes with your thoughts or ideas or to-do lists?? Why not try using a Quartet Desktop Glass Pad. The glass pad acts as a dry erase board but it is at your finger tips. Jot down notes that you would typically do on a Post-It. Then wipe off once you finish.

This will help eliminate lots of extra papers surrounding your desk! Plus the Quartet Desktop Glass Pad has a side compartment to hold extra whiteboard markers and paper clips.

Desk Organizers

In order to create a clutter free desk, everything needs a home. To create ample storage, use a desk organizer like the InterDesign Cosmetics Organizer for notebooks and notepads. In the drawer, you can store my stamps and return address labels!

You can also add more drawer storage to your desk by using something like a 3 drawer Organizer from InterDesign. Keep pens, paper, and tape inside the drawers for easy access but keep them contained and clutter free from your workspace.

Open Filing

Another easy way to keep your desk clutter free is to create an open filing system. This is a system where you don’t have to open a drawer or take off a lid to file your papers. Something like filing boxes and magazine holders to hold file papers, that can sit on or near your desk. Then just drop the paper into the magazine holder or open filing box before it makes its way to your desk. This is an easy tool on how to keep your desk clutter free.

Landing Zone

Finally, create a landing zone for papers you need to file or deal with. A landing zone can be anything from a tray to a basket. By keeping your papers contained, you are limiting the amount of paper clutter that is piling up on your desk. Plus, it makes storing paper more manageable since it is all in one place.

Learning how to keep your desk clutter free just takes some thought. Grab yourself a Quartet Desktop Glass Pad to write notes and lists instead of Post-Its. Use desk organizers to keep things tidy on your desk by giving everything a home. Create open filing so you can file papers before they land on your desk. And create a landing zone for those papers that need to be dealt with before filing. For more on desk organizing, you can read this post.