With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I know I will be pulling out my cloth napkins, tablecloths, and decorative place mats.  I love making the table look festive, so I like to keep a lot of different types of linens for creating tablescapes.  (And, for some fun tablescape inspiration, check out my feature over at Belong Magazine!)

But keeping all the kitchen linens organized can be rather tricky, especially if your space is limited or you have an amply supply of linens.  So, what are some quick and easy ways to organize your kitchen linens?


Keeping What You Love

When it comes to anything organizing, I always suggest that you start the entire organizing process by gathering all your kitchen linens.  Look through the linens and sort into a “keep” pile, and a donate pile.  Only keep kitchen linens that you love and actually use.

Once you have all the kitchen linens you love and use, then we will focus on storing them!

Store In Shoe Boxes

Using clear shoe boxes or boot boxes to hold your kitchen linens is an easy way to keep your stuff organized.  Start by grouping all like-items together.  Christmas or Hanukkah napkins and tablecloths can go in one box.  Label the shoe box so you know what is inside.

Another way to store in shoe boxes is to store all napkins together, all tablecloths together, etc.  Label the box with napkin colors/designs so you know what is inside!

I use a combination of the shoe boxes and boot boxes to store kitchen linens for clients.  You can use a sticker label or write on the shoe box using a Sharpie Paint Markers!

Dish Towels

Roll And Store

Another way to organize and store your kitchen linens is to roll everything.  Once the items are rolled, you can stand them up in a bin or basket.  This makes a perfect option is space is limited, as you can easily keep the cloth napkins out on a counter for all to use.  It would also help reduce the use of paper napkins.

When I roll napkins, I fold them into thirds, then roll from the top down.  I wait until I have rolled 5-6 before I put them in the basket or bin, as they stay tightly rolled over there are a few together.  I start with the back corner and work my way forward.  Really making sure that I have pushed the napkins back from the bottom, as this helps keep them tightly rolled.

Cloth Napkins

Creative Containment

I have gotten really creative with ways in which I keep my kitchen linens contained.  I have used galvanized bins to store napkins.  I have kept tablecloths in a bin under the couch that has a skirt.  I have stored kitchen linens in clients’ large linen closets.  I have stored them in cabinets in the living room.  I have even stored kitchen linens under the kitchen sink!

What I have found is that is really doesn’t matter where you store the kitchen linens, as long as they are stored together!


So once all the festivities of the holidays are over and your kitchen linens are washed, gather everything together.  Decide what you want to keep and what you are going to donate.  Then, find a creative way to store them.  Whether it be rolling, or stacking in shoe boxes, or storing under your bed!

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