Over the years I have learned a ton of ways to organize small kids’ bedrooms. Since my daughter has one, I am able to test out different things to see if they actually hold up and last, long term. What I have found over the years is there are five key things to think about when organizing small spaces and my favorite ways to make them stay that way!

5 Easy Ways To Organize Small Kids’ Bedrooms

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Open Shelving

First thing I recommend when organizing small kids’ bedrooms is to use open shelving. This really helps make the room feel more spacious and open. Since you can see through the shelves, it doesn’t feel like the walls are falling down on you. On the open shelves, you can add bins to hold different items like Shopkins, hair accessories, or other trinkets. By storing them in bins, they can easily stay tidy.

Also, I love using lighter, more neutral paint colors. Then I add pops of color to the bedding and accessories. This also helps when the kiddos get bored with one color scheme in their bedroom. All you have to do is swap out a few things and it is like they have a new room!! No worries about repainting it!

Wall Space

My second tip when you organize small kids’ bedrooms is to use the wall space for things! Think shelves, pictures, and grids!!

Yes grids!!

The Jayce Metal Wall Grid System is my favorite, most versatile way to organize wall space. You can add shelves, hooks, and even a mirror!!

Plus you can add a binder clip to the grid to hold artwork while it dries!

Remove Closet Doors

This is another easy way to organize small kids’ bedrooms. Simply remove the closet doors and you just created more space! Without the doors opening and closing into the room, you are able to create a more open space for the kids.

But if you do remove the closet doors, you have to make sure that the closet stays tidy. One way to do that is to put in a closet system or a dresser into the closet! We added the dresser into my daughter’s closet before we installed the closet system. It helped so much because it gave her more floor space since the dresser was in the closet. We couldn’t have done that if the doors were still on the closet!

Baskets In Closet

I also love keeping baskets in closets as a way to organize small kids’ bedrooms. When I use the baskets, I love the natural hyacinth storage cubes! I file fold clothes in the storage cubes then add a label to it so we know what is in each basket.

Storing the baskets on shelves is an easy way to use spaces like in corners of small closets or on shelving that is higher up.

Under Bed Storage

In most of my clients homes, I don’t recommend under bed storage because things can get lost. Especially when you have a larger room. But when it comes to small kids’ bedrooms, I totally recommend under bed storage for off-season clothing.

This could be for hand-me-downs or clothing from the previous season that still fit but don’t need to take up space in a closet.

I would use the under bed storage box. This box will keep clothing from getting dusty and can fit under most beds!

File-fold the clothing so you can see it through the clear cover of the storage box. This will help when it comes time to taking out the clothing to put back into the closet!

My Favorite Products To Organize Small Kids Bedroom

When it comes to organizing small kids’ bedrooms, remember to use open shelving and bins to hold small items. Don’t forget about utilizing wall space to store things. Remove closet doors to create more space within the room. Use baskets in closets to hold things like clothing and bedding. And use under bed storage for off-season clothing.

Want to see all these tips in action?? Watch this video: