As my kiddos continue to grow up (insert crying face emoji), I have found that I need bathroom storage that will grow with them. The system I had when they were babies isn’t working for them as the tiny humans they are becoming! I have partnered with The Container Store to create effective under sink storage ideas for kids that can easily grow with them throughout the years…we just have to do a little tweaking of what is stored where, rather than a total overhaul!

How To Create Effective Under Sink Storage For Kids

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Store Less

The first thing I tell my clients is that you need to only store what you use. Everything else needs to find a new home. So only store what you need under the sink. By keeping the items you use daily or weekly, you will eliminate a lot of excess clutter that can pile up in the back.

I also like to line my cabinets and drawers. For this project I used wrapping paper! It is easy to cut to size and I know I will have enough to cover the entire space. Plus it isn’t gooey so I don’t have to worry about it ruining the wood when I have to peel it off to replace.

Create Stations

My biggest tip for creating storage that can grow with your family is to create stations. This means grouping like items together to create a bin or storage container.

One easy way to explain stations is having a “first aid station”. For us, I used the InterDesign Med Catch-All to store different size band aids, wraps, gauze, and ointments we use whenever someone gets a boo-boo.

Another way to create a station is grouping all hair products together. I used a large vanity organizer from InterDesign to hold brushes, hair dryers, and products. I did this so it can grow with my daughter as I am sure, her hair care routines will increase!

Use Stacking Shelves

If your under sink storage doesn’t have shelving, like mine, I suggest using stacking shelving that can be multi-purpose!

I used the vanity organizer with drawers from InterDesign to hold my pet’s shampoos, while in the drawers I have our razors and equipment for the razors.

Organizing With Drawers

Another easy way to create effective under sink storage is using products that have drawers to keep smaller items together. I love the InterDesign vanity organizer with 3 drawers. I store my daughter’s hair ties, clips, and other hair accessories together. Then you can use the top of the organizer for more storage for things like headbands or toothbrushes in a holder!

I think that keeping the systems simple, not storing too much, creating stations, using shelf storage, and organizing with drawers will help you create effective under sink storage for your kids’ bathrooms that will grow with them throughout the years.

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