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Top 10 Best Label Makers

Professional organizer is sharing the top 10 best label makers that she prefers and will last as labels in your home as well.

I am a total over-labeler. That means I legit label everything. Include where obvious things should go like drinks in the fridge. The reason being is that I hate being the only one responsible for tidying up our home. So when there are labels on everything, the kids can help. And my husband can’t use the excuse, but I don’t know where it goes. Because everything is labeled, no one can hide behind not knowing where something should go. But not all labels are created equal. I am sharing my top 10 favorite label makers and why they are the best label makers for that particular job.

Create order in your home with these vinyl stickers. The labels are customizable to fit your bin or label tag. 1-2 words per label.

Top 10 Best Label Makers

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P-Touch Cube Label Maker

The P-Touch cube might be my favorite label maker of all time. The reason being is that you can use fun fonts and do it all from your phone! Just download the app and start creating labels. This machine is the best label maker for labeling drawers like kitchen drawers or cabinets.

P-Touch One Touch Keys

And speaking of P-Touch, the P-Touch One Touch Keys is the best label maker for kids. One of my clients had this label maker and never used it. It was still in the box. So we unpacked it and set it up while we were going to label her daughter’s room. But her daughter took the label maker and started labeling everything. She was loving it that the mother bought a second P-Touch One Touch Keys for herself since she didn’t want to fight with her daughter over a label maker!

Dymo Label Manager Label Maker

The Dymo Label Manager is another one similar to the P-Touch One Touch Keys. The only difference is the shape. Depending on how you like to type, this may be a better option as it is more hand-held. While the P-Touch One Touch Keys is more like a keyboard.

Phomemo Bluetooth Label Maker

The Phomemo label maker is great for making your labels look pretty. You can get label ribbon designs making any labeling project totally unique!

Cricut Joy

This little beauty is the best tiny vinyl printer there is. The Cricut Joy cuts vinyl so you can create those beautiful labels without the fuss of a large machine. I use vinyl labels on bins that rarely change like items in my laundry room or in the kitchen.

Cricut Maker

Now if you are looking for a larger machine that can cut out large pieces of vinyl to label things like large baskets, bins, or wall decals, then the Cricut Maker might be perfect for you. Similar to the Cricut Joy, this machine has a great cutting feature for vinyl.

Silhouette Cameo 4

Now the Cricut and the Silhouette are basically the same machines, just different technology. I prefer the Silhouette Studio over the Cricut Creator Space. These are the computer software that you can use to create your designs to send to the machine. This is totally a preference as I know lots of people who prefer the Creator Space to Studio.

Printable Labels

Printable labels are like label makers in some ways so I am including them as one of the best label makers. The reason why is that sometimes you just need to create your own labels that fit your homes aesthetic. I have created downloadable labels that you can print off on this sticker paper. Then you cut out the labels and add them to your jars, bins, or tags. Get my labels here.

Write On Label Tags

These blackboards write on label tags are just another way to label things. I love them because they are perfect for spaces or bins that you change frequently. Simply use a chalk marker to write so you can remove and change what you want to label the bin with. This is great if you like using your own handwriting as a label maker!

Bin Clips

Bin clips are a great way to label anything. I love these bin clips because they are large and fit on basically any bin. You can use your own printer to create labels or you can print out fonts on the computer to create labels. Either way, these bins clips are the perfect way to add labels to bins that may not need a permanent label.


These are the 10 best label makers that I have used, know, and trust. Since we have helped hundreds of families organize, I know that these label makers are the best as they last. The font on the labels will stay on over the years. There have been some label makers I have tried that easily wear over time. 

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