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Where to Start When Organizing Your Home

Do you struggle with getting started when organizing your home? I get it. It feels overwhelming when you want your house to be organized, but it's a mess.

I know it can be a struggle when getting started when organizing your home. It can feel overwhelming when you want your whole house to be organized and you’re nowhere near where you want to be. Instead of stressing about the organizing process or feeling overwhelmed, I am breaking down my tips to help guide you with where to start when organizing your home.

Tip #1:

You need to define what organized means to you. What does an organized home look like? Do you want it to look pretty? Do you just want to be able to find things? All your things to have a home? Does everything need to be labeled? What is your end goal? If you need more help making a plan, check out my post on How to Think Like a Professional Organizer.

Then, just start. Take action and start organizing your home. Pick a room, dump everything out, and start categorizing. Know that it WILL get messy before it gets organized. 

You already have an idea of what organized means to you, so aim for that goal in mind. Don’t get sidetracked by checking Pinterest or looking online. Just do the work!

Tip #2:

Before you start organizing toys, pay attention to what you and your kids are using. When your kids pull out a bin of toys and dump them on the floor. They normally pull out their 2 or 3 favorites and ignore the rest. (You probably do the same thing with your clothes…) Take note of what’s not getting used, and get rid of it because it obviously isn’t that important to them. 

Teach your kids to respect their things by cleaning up. And the things they don’t respect are things you can part with. 

Tip #3: 

Remember, you don’t need all the things. Less is more when it comes to organizing. Keep what you love, and streamline what you have. As your pile of things gets smaller, starting to organize your home gets a lot easier. Try these tips to help you organize without buying anything new!

More Tips:

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