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10 Declutter Closet Tips

Declutter your closet with these 10 tips. Pick your favorite tips and take action to remove unwanted clothing so you can find what you love.

Decluttering your closet with these 10 tips are sure to help you create that closet of your dreams. Pick the tips that resonate with you and get to work on decluttering the unwanted clothing, and organizing the clothing you love.


Color coordinated closets are all the rage. You know, the clothing hanging in the closet by rainbow colors. They typically follow the color acronym ROY G BIV. That stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This is typically used by people in retail when setting up clothing by color. It appeals to the buyers eyes when things are in a color coordinated set up.

I feel that it color-coding your closet can easily help you to see what you have so you can select your clothing quickly. Plus it helps when you are shopping because you can visually see everything in your closet based on the color groupings. The Most Effective Way To Get A Color Coordinated Closet are broken down in this post.

closet with rainbow color coded clothing hanging

Group By Category

When you are putting your clothes back into your closet, try storing like clothing together. Now that doesn’t always mean storing all tops together. That may mean storing all work attire together. All loungewear together. You need to group the items together based on how you wear them. So that may mean all tops together or by attire. 

closet with hanging clothing

Hanger Trick

Have you heard of the hanger trick for keeping your closet organized? It is a secret tool that professional organizers, and organizing experts use to help clients visually see what they are wearing. It is like a magical little tool that everyone needs in their life. 

Instead of hanging your hooks the traditional way, you hang them backwards. When you wear an item of clothing, you swap the hanger the opposite way.

Skirt hanging in closet #closetorganization

Go Minimal

When your closet is overflowing with clothing, it is time for a closet clean out. A closet clean out is where you take everything out of your closet and lay it on the bed. Think Marie Kondo style. All the clothing piled on the bed. And your entire closet space completely cleared out. 

Doing a closet clean out allows you to actually get rid of all the clothing that is no longer making you feel good. Plus, those clothes only attract your attention to them. Because you know you don’t wear them so that is all you see. Instead, only keep clothing that makes you feel good and you enjoy wearing! 

So you should only put back the clothing that you love. And when you do this, you will be creating a minimalist closet. 

Now I am not talking about having no clothing in your closet. I have heard that when people hear the word “minimalism”, they think it means to get rid of everything. But I don’t believe that to be true. You have a minimalist closet and it still be full of clothes. You just have to reframe the word minimal.

I break down how to creating a minimalist closet here.

Declutter Pile

When organizing your closet, sort your clothing into piles. These piles will help you declutter your clothing based on what you want to keep, sell, donate.

Pick up each piece of clothing. Be honest with yourself about if you truly wear it. I have a free declutter question checklist that I have used to help thousands of people declutter their stuff. Get yours below.

Organize First

One thing I see all too often is people buying products before they declutter their things. So start with actually deciding if things are worth keeping in your closet. Then you can decide if you need to invest in matching hangers, bins, or other organizing products.

Read my step-by-step tips here: How To Organize Your Closet Without Spending Anything

Organized closet #closetorganization

Customize Your Closet

Not every closet space is made for your clothing. So create a custom closet using these tips: How To Transform Your Built-In Closets To Custom Closets On A Budget.

The easiest way to do this is to go to your local hardware store and having them cut shelving to the size of your closet. Then you can add shelves to your closet to create a custom closet that works for you.

Have A Plan

Whenever I organize a closet, I need to have a plan. Which is why The Closet Clean-Out :: Step By Step Guide For Organizing Your Clothes is the best guide to help you declutter, organize, and sell your items.

Declutter Hack

I found that when you are looking at your closet space, you have to start by decluttering. And when I say decluttering, I mean removing anything that isn’t working for you. These are pieces of clothing that you don’t wear, don’t fit into, and don’t love anymore.

Do a quick scan of the closet to see if you can easily pull those pieces out. Then keep a bag in your closet for any piece of clothing you find you don’t love anymore. Just toss it into that bag. When the bag gets full, donate or resell those items! Then you can declutter as you, instead of doing a giant declutter every time your closet gets full.

closet organization

Ask For Help

If you are truly struggling to get your closet organized, not sure where to start, or even what looks good on you, get some support! While having a friend help can be useful, I recommend going to a professional. Whether it is a professional organizer or clothing stylist, you won’t go wrong with getting support as you declutter your clothing.

closet with shoes on shelves and dressed color coordinated

Declutter Closet Tips That Work

Pick the declutter closet tips that resonate with you. Then take action. Your closet won’t declutter itself. So just start. Empty the entire closet or just go by category. Just starting is going to help you declutter quickly because you are taking action now.

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