Color coordinated closets are all the rage. You know, the clothing hanging in the closet by rainbow colors. They typically follow the color acronym ROY G BIV. That stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This is typically used by people in retail when setting up clothing by color. It appeals to the buyers eyes when things are in a color coordinated set up. But is color coordinating your closet really helpful when it comes to organizing? I have some thoughts plus tips that you can follow to set up a color coordinated closet in your home.

A professional organizer shares tips for ways you can DIY closet organizer so you can utilize space, and keep your clothing organized! #closets #organized

Is Color Coordinated Closets Worth It

There are a few ways to look at the color coordinated closet. One way is that it can help you visually see what colors you have in your closet so when you are shopping for clothing, you can easily take mental note. The other way to look at it is that it is another project you have to keep up with.

So the real question to ask yourself about color coordinating your closet, is do you want to keep up with it?

Because color coordinating takes time. If you dry clean your clothing, you need to put those pieces of clothing back in the colored spots in your closet. But if you are washing your clothing, then it might not be as much work. 

Find out what works best for you and what you can keep up with after reading how to color coordinate your closet.


closet organized by color with shirts on top and pants on bottom

How To Color Coordinate Your Closet

When you are color coordinating your closet, there is one particular method that is looked at as the best. And that is by using the ROY G BIV method. ROY G BIV is an acronym for color order used by retailers when setting up colors in their stores. It is also the colors of a rainbow and prism when you see it in light. The colors in the acronym are listed below.

R stands for red

O stands for orange

Y stands for yellow

G stands for green

B stands for blue

I stands for indigo

V stands for violet

When I color coordinate a closet, I try to go from lightest in that color category to darkest, as it helps with your view of the colors. For some reason, it makes scanning your closet easier on the eye.

Now another question I have seen is where to store the whites, greys, and blacks. Everyone has a personal preference with this one, but I have found that putting whites first, before the reds and the greys and blacks at the end, help keep the closet organized. But I have seen all these colors grouped together as well. I think it depends on how you prefer to visually see the colors in your closet. 

closet with shoes on shelves and dressed color coordinated

Different Ways To Color Coordinate Your Closet

Now, I love color coordinating closets because I do believe it helps you keep things organized. But it isn’t for everyone, so I have a few ways that I have set up closets for my clients that might work well for you.

The first way, and the most picture perfect way to color coordinate a closet, is to have everything be color coordinated together. What I mean by that is all the clothing is hanging by color. Everything that is red is hung together. That includes sweaters, sweatshirts, tops, and bottoms. Then you move onto the next color in the same manner. This option works well if you like things grouped together solely by color. I have found that not everyone loves this option.

Another option is to color coordinate the clothing by grouping the type of clothing together by color. So this option is where you put all the tank tops together by color, then all the shirts together by color. Then all the sweaters together by color. It is basically the middle ground from grouping all the clothing by color and my favorite way to organize your closet, which is below.

So my personal favorite option is to group clothing together by how you wear it then by color. This means that all the work tops would be color coordinated, in one section of your closet. Then all your sweatshirts would be color coordinated in another section of your closet. This option is my favorite, because you are still grouping clothing by how you wear it, and you can see the colors easily.

closet organization

More Tips To Organize Your Closet

If any of the color coordinated closet tips above sound like something you could do, then I encourage you to go for it! While it may look pretty, it may not be something you are interested in. And that is ok! You can still have an organized closet without color coordinating it. I enjoy the color coordinating because it helps me visualize what I have in my closet and helps me pick out clothing. I also have some other tips that may help you organize your closet below.

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My Favorite Closet Organizing Products

No matter what your closet looks like, you can still use products to help you achieve any sort of order within it. Matching hangers can give your closet a more cohesive look. But f it isn’t in your budget, don’t worry about it. I always try to have similar hangers in each section of a closet. That way you can see what clothing may or may not be missing from your closet based on the hangers. Below are some of my favorite closet organizing products you may want to use in your closet.

Whether you color coordinate your closet or not, you can still get things totally organized. When you can see what you have in your closet, you have more clothing options to wear. Plus, an organized closet can help you get ready quicker in the mornings! So decide if ROY G BIV is right for you and your clothing, then get things organized!