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10 Ways To Use Bar Cart Decor

I am showcasing 10 ways to use bar cart decor in your home that is both functional and stylish. Plus you can see some examples!

I am a huge fan of bar carts because they can be used for so many things! I recently got the iDesign Arlo Rolling Bar Cart. The cart was so easy to put together. I ended up spray painted the gold brads black to go with our decor since we don’t have gold in our kitchen area. But it is super cute with the gold if it goes with your decor. I am going to share 10 ways you can use a bar cart in your home and how to style it!

10 Ways To Use Bar Cart Decor

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bar cart decor used as a bar cart

Actual Bar Cart

I mean, I had to include this for bar cart decor! Because this is what starting this entire post! We started out using the bar cart as an actual bar cart. We added our wine glasses, alcohol beverages, and I did include a wine opener, just so I was ready when I did want to open a bottle of wine!

bar cart decor as an end table

End Table

Using a bar cart as an end table is a great way to add some decor to your home that is moveable! I really like using bar carts as end tables for areas that are frequent gathering places. Then you can add food, drink, or remotes for the tv on the rolling cart and move it to where ever you are sitting!

Art Cart

If you don’t know, I love an art cart. I think it is the best thing to help kids explore their artistic side. To create an art cart using a bar cart, I added some magazine holders to hold paper and coloring books. I added plastic containers to hold their beads and crafts. This way you don’t have to worry about those items spilling over everything!

art cart using a bar cart

Make Up Cart

When I lived in Chicago, one of my apartment bathrooms was so large but had minimal storage for things. Using a bar cart as a make-up cart would have been such a helpful thing to keep my items organized! Use items from the Onxy collection to tidy up the cart. Store extra towels on the bottom shelf of the cart as well!

Read more on make up organization.

bar cart decor as a coffee cart

Coffee Cart

Don’t have enough counter space? Then add a bar cart to hold your coffee maker and mugs! A coffee cart or tea cart is the perfect solution to your morning coffee needs!

Office On Wheels

Working from home can be tricky if you don’t have a designated office space. So why not transform a bar cart to an office on wheels? Add a pen holder, your computer and charger, magazine holders for papers and files, and you can work anywhere!

hanukkah decor on a bar cart

Holiday Cart

Don’t have a mantel? No problem! Just decorate your bar cart into a holiday cart! It is a fun way to add some decor to your home when you don’t have a lot of space (or you just want to get festive in every room)!

Read more about holiday cart.

Craft Cart

I love crafting. So I have used my bar cart to hold my craft items like my sewing machine and fabrics. I added a Linus bin to hold the fabrics along with my fabric scissors and other sewing items! It is a great way to wheel a project over to you when you feel the creative bug!

craft cart on a bar cart

Virtual Learning Cart

Kids having school at home? Use a bar cart as a virtual learning cart to store everything they need. Then they can roll that cart to whichever space they want to work for the day. Need a mid-day break? They can pack up their cart and move into a different area without many trips (or forgetting that one book they needed)!

You can find out more about how I create virtual learning carts and more in my Virtual School Set Up program!

bar cart as a kitchen prep cart

Kitchen Prep Cart

Back when I lived in the city, I didn’t have a lot of counter space, so I would use a bar cart as my kitchen prep cart. I stored my dish towels and baking items on the cart. But you can use it to store your larger cooking gadgets or even a stand for your cookbooks!

the organized mama pushing a bar cart

There are so many ways you can use a bar cart for your decor that is super functional and stylish! If you don’t have one already, I highly suggest investing in a bar cart that can be used in many different areas of your home. It ends up being a decor piece you will love!

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