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The Best Alternative To Ziploc Bags And How To Store Them

Learn the best alternative to Ziploc bags and the best ways to store them, whether it be in a shallow drawer, deep drawer, or cabinet!

This past year I have been trying to use less paper products and go more towards sustainable products within our home. But, with little kids, that can be tricky!! So we started small. Like using bar rags instead of paper towels. Then we started using less of the plastic bags, and I found such a great alternative to Ziploc bags.

But storing them seemed rather cumbersome. Like, they take up a large drawer when you aren’t using them and they fall over themselves in cabinets. So I got to thinking, what is the best way to store reusable freezer bags??

Stashers reusable bags in green and teal laying on floor to demonstrate alternatives to Ziploc bags #sustainable #reusable

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Favorite Alternative To Ziploc Bags

I have come to realize that not all alternative freezer bags are the same. Some you have to hand wash, and I have no time for that. But the Stashers bags are the best option for our family. I can throw them in the dishwasher on the top shelf over the pegs and they get really clean. Then I dry them with a cheesecloth.

They come in a variety of sizes, which is perfect for my family. We use the half gallon bags for storing meats. Since the seal is so strong (my husband struggles to open them at times), they freeze really well! Like no freezer burn!! The snack size are what the kids use for their snacks they want to take with them. And the regular size bag is for everything in between!

Storing In Shallow Drawers

But storing bulky bags that don’t fit into small boxes can be tricky. So I discovered a few ways to store those alternative to Ziploc bags in shallow drawers. Lay the reusable bags out along one side of the drawer. Then add your baking covers or cooking sheet covers to the other side of the drawer.

Reusable freezer bags are lined in a shallow drawer along one edge with wax paper on the other edge to demonstrate alternatives to Ziploc bags #sustainable #reusable

Storing In Deep Drawers

If you have deeper drawers, I would recommend storing all the reusable bags in a bin like this one. This will keep all the reusable bags tidy in the drawer. Then you can store your other cooking gadgets in the same drawer so you aren’t wasting space in your kitchen!

Reusable bags are stored in a deep drawer to demonstrate alternative to Ziploc bags and how to store them #sustainable #organized

Storing In Cabinets

Finally, if you are storing your baggies in cabinets, I would recommend using a bin like this to keep them contained. Because you can stack these bins, you can easily put smaller bags on the bottom and larger ones on the top. This will help utilize that space in your cabinets.

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Find the best place in your kitchen, then contain the alternative to Ziploc bags and use, wash, repeat!!

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  1. This post is so helpful! I’ve got the reusable bags, but no functional way to store them. This post gives me options to work with my kitchen space. Thank you!!

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