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How To Organize Kitchen Drawers

When you have a kitchen full of drawers, trying to organize them can be overwhelming. These tips and products will make organizing kitchen drawers easy!

A kitchen full of drawers was my dream. Because when you come from a kitchen that only has two tiny drawers, you want all the drawers. And as an professional organizer, I wanted all the organized kitchen drawers I could have.

So, when we renovated our kitchen we designed it to have all the drawers!  We opted for no upper cabinets to keep with the clean lines we wanted in the space.  For the bottom half of the kitchen, we could either do all drawers or all cabinets.  I picked drawers!

Well, we do have skinny cabinets next to the ovens and cabinets on the chair side of the counters–but other than that, we have drawers!

how to organize kitchen drawers

I love each and every drawer I have, but organizing them can be a challenge, especially when you have to store plates, bowls, and cups in them.

But when you get creative with how you store things, organizing kitchen drawers can be a breeze! Check out my tips for how to plan for and organize your kitchen drawers.

Kitchen Utensil Drawers

organize kitchen utensil drawer
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I wanted something that could hold all our utensils, since we have a lot of them!  I found an expandable utensil holder that fit perfectly into the space.  Then I added a long drawer organizer that matched to hold our serving utensils.  I wanted to keep all the utensils (every day and serving) all in the same drawer, since we use them frequently.

kitchen utensils drawer organization
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For all the cooking utensils and gadgets, I used drawer dividers to separate each section of utensils.  I started by grouping the utensils into categories.  My categories are super random, but it’s how we use them that make sense.  I started with scoopers and smooshers (on the left).  Then I did mixers and mashers.  Sharp utensils are in the middle.  Meat cooking items came next.  Then the wine/bottle openers are on the right.  I told you they were random categories, but a main part of organizing is not just doing what you’re “told” to do, but making the system work for you.

Spice Drawer

spice drawer organization
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All of our spices are in a drawer next to the stove top.  They are in alphabetical order so we can find them easily.  We went with an expandable drawer organizer because we move things so frequently.  All of our prep cups are in the same drawer, as my husband uses them for all his cooking. This just made sense for us!

Baking Drawer

how to organize baking drawer
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All of our baking prep is organized in a drawer using lots of drawer organizers.  Since many pieces are small, it makes it easier to find all the items.

Our baking flours are in another drawer, organized in containers with labels on the lids.

Pots and Pans Drawer

pots and pans drawer organization
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Our pots and pans are in a drawer under our stove top.  I keep lids on each of the pots so we don’t have to search for the matching lid.

Our pans are organized by type.  All grill pans are together.  The frying pans are stacked with largest on the bottom.  And I keep the splash pad covers with the pans.

Plates and Bowls Drawer

organizing plates in a drawer
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I didn’t empty the dishwasher before I took pictures, so there is one more stack of plates that goes into this drawer! #lazy

Our plates and bowls are in multiple drawers–four to be exact!  Drawer one is large plates, drawer two holds smaller plates and kids’ plates, drawer three holds our bowls and drawer four is our pasta bowls.  We planned it that way since we have a lot plates and bowls!

Towel Drawer

Towel drawer organization
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Next to our dish washer we have four small drawers.  When we were designing this, everyone thought I was nuts for wanting these four drawers.  But when they actually saw my vision come to life, they all agreed that this was a great decision!  These small drawers hold our towels!

I have one drawer for hand towels.  One for bar rags.  One drawer for drying rags.  And the bottom drawer holds our aprons!

Not Pictured but Just as Exciting

I would have loved to picture each and every drawer, but some of the pictures just weren’t coming out right.  So I am just going to tell you about the rest of the drawers!

Our Tupperware is in a drawer.  I store it with the lids on each piece of Tupperware to keep things organized.

All of our baking and cooking gadgets are all in drawers, organized by baskets.  Our mixing bowls are in another drawer that is next to the stove top.  That drawer also holds the oven mitts.

Our glasses and cups are in a drawer, turned face down.  I use a grip liner to hold them in place.

Finally, our cutting boards and baking sheets are in the skinny cabinet next to the oven.

how to organize kitchen drawers
© The Organized | 2017

My dream of having a kitchen of drawers has not disappointed! And now you have a peek into the fabulous world of organized kitchen drawers. After unpacking everything, I made a plan and put all the stuff away. Then, as we used the kitchen, we quickly realized that some of the drawers were not working for us.  We moved stuff around until we were happy with where it was. Then I found all the cool things to organize the drawers.

My suggestion for you is to finalize where you want all the items in your kitchen drawers.  Then, and only then, find drawer organizers that fit the drawers and your stuff!

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