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American Girl Doll Storage Ideas

This article covers ideas for American Girl doll storage ideas to help keep the food, clothing, and accessories organized.

Over the holidays we got a lot of new toys. Specifically new accessories for our American Girl Dolls. These accessories can easily take over your home, pieces can totally get lost, and you can legit lose it with all the floor space these things take up. So how do you keep it all organized? I am share American Girl doll storage ideas to help you get things in order!


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Storage Ideas For Clothes

All those outfits for the American Girl doll can easily pile up. So I recommend storing them in a designated bin. Create one big for clothing and shoes. This will allow your child to play with the clothing without having each item separated. Because isn’t that how they play with those items anyway?

My daughter enjoys seeing all the outfits laid out, so it is easy for her to have one bin to hold those clothing items. Then when it is time to pick up, she can just throw all the clothes and shoes in one bin. This makes for fast clean up!

We are using the Arrow cube bins from iDesign. I love them because they are a great size for holding the clothes without having to press them down or force them into a smaller bin.

american girl doll storage ideas for clothes and food inside bin

Storing Food

The American Girl doll food is probably the cutest things ever. I love seeing all the options that have come with each little set. So to store the food, I recommend storing in a pull-out drawer. This helps keep the food together, which allows the children to play without spending too much time searching for things. I really love the iDesign x THE fridge drawers. These drawers make the perfect spot for the play food. You can keep the divider in to separate the food, or take the middle divider out and just have all the food together in one drawer. 

Since the drawer pulls all the way out, it makes it easy to clean up as you can fill the bin then put it back on a shelf without taking off the outer drawer box that it comes in.

storage ideas for american girl doll items

What To Do With Breakable Accessories

One American Girl doll storage idea for breakable accessories is to store them inside a small box with a lid. I like the iDesign Hinged-Lid stackable boxes. These boxes are easy to open so the kids can play with the items inside. They stack, making them easy to store. And they are clear so the kids can see what is inside.


American Girl Doll Storage Ideas For Large Items

Now the large items can be tricky. They do take up a lot of floor space. So one way to keep them contained, but still easy for the kids to play, is to store in a bin. The items we stored in the bin were chairs, snow tubs, and the vet clinic items. I used the iDesign Arrow bins again because they worked in the space, and they held the items we needed.

Start by rounded up each of the items you want to store. Then find a bin that can easily hold the items. This way you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. You can use a tall hamper to hold those items as well.

Zone for American girl doll storage ideas

Make Zones

Another helpful storage idea is to create zones for storing items that take up a lot of floor space. These are things like the bed, tent, desks, etc. Since they can’t be shoved stored in a bin, you need a zone for them to be housed. I typically recommend a corner of a room because you can create a space that doesn’t end up taking over an entire room. For some reason, corners typically help contain toys because it creates a box area for the kids to play.

In my daughter’s room, her zone is the corner of bedroom. This is near the bins of clothes and food. Making it easy for her to play and to clean up.

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Keep It Simple

Ok my final piece of advice on storing American Girl doll stuff is to keep the system as simple as possible. That means that you should not overthink where things should go. Do not try to color-code the food. Because the likelihood of it actually staying like that is so small. So spend time creating a system that the kids can use. That means they need to be able to take the toys off the shelves by themselves. The kids need to be able to clean up without your help…not supervision, because I am being realistic about this. Supervision is you making sure it gets done. Helping is you getting on the floor to clean up as well.

storage of oversized toys and food for american girl doll items

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When it comes to American Girl doll storage ideas, there can be a lot of information out there. But my focus is to keep things as simple as possible for you and your kids. Because no one has time to sit and categorize all the play food into tiny bins. So create a space for the items. Use bins that are the right size for items. Store breakable accessories in bins with lids. And make sure the kids can play with their things. It really is better when they enjoy it!

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4 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Storage Ideas”

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  3. What do you do with the actual dolls when not being played with? We have a our generation an American girl doll, three bitty babies and a few other dolls. I’ve been putting them in my giant crate with doll items, but that’s not been working well…

    1. The Organized Mama

      I like storing them in a large laundry basket to keep them contained. Then they can pull the basket out to play!

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