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Best Planners For 2022

After reviewing countless planners, I am sharing some of my favorites and who they would work best for in a roundup of best planners for 2022.

I am a paper-planner type of girl. I am not great with the digital planners. But I do need them since my husband is a total digital planner.

I have always loved paper planners. It might be because I was so used to planning lesson plans in a lesson plan book. So I need paper planners to keep me organized.

Because of that, I have tested out many different planners and have a round-up of my favorites. I am breaking down my favorite planners, who they are best for, and how you can use them to get yourself organized in 2022!

planners lying on top for planner roundup

Paper Planners:

Paper planners are my personal favorite. I love being able to write down my schedule. I have more tips for organizing your schedules below:

How To Create A Schedule For Stay-At-Home Moms

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The Lazy Parents’ Guide To Creating A Schedule For Kids

Laurel Denise

The Laurel Denise All-In-One planner is one of my favorites for planning the entire family can use. This planner allows for both month and week views on the planner. 

I love this because I can keep track of everything for the month, along with planning out things week-by-week.

This planner is perfect for families as you can color-code your entire planner while also planning for each week.

laurel denise planner

Silk and Sonder

The Silk and Sonder planner is one of my favorite ways to include self-care into your planner. Inside the planner, there are activities to do that help support mental health.

Because planning your day is about balance, right? Which is why I love that each month you get a new planner.

Inside each planner, there are trackers to support you changing or following-through on a habit. Which is perfect for the new year, right?!?!

This planner is perfect for those who don’t take time for self-care. The planner is your support to take more time for you.

intentions and reflections pages in planner

Day Designer

The Day Designer was one of my planner staples. I loved that you got a week view that included time blocks. This helped keep me focused while working from home.

The planner also includes a month layout before each weekly breakdown of the month. This is great for planning everything that you have scheduled for the month.

This planner is perfect for those who like to time-block their day or need specific times written down.

Erin Condren

Another popular planner is the Erin Condren planner

I have found this planner useful if you don’t like the traditional layout of a standard planner. Because you can customize it have the days either horizontal or vertical. This was so helpful when my kids were younger. We didn’t have specific times for things, so with the vertical layout, I was able to write more things into the planner than I would be able to in a horizontal layout.


Whitney English

The Whitney English Day-On-One-Page planner is another great planner option.

I like this planner if you have long to-do lists and want to time-block your day.

Each day is on one page with time blocks and space to write your to do list.

Michael Hyatt

The Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner is amazing as a work planner. I love using this planner to keep my business things organized.

Inside the planner, you have room for your goals, and a place for keeping track of your progress.

The only down-side is that each planner is for one quarter. So it can get pricey.

Digital Planners:

Digital planners are all those planner apps that you can use on your phone or iPad. While I do love using Google calendar for scheduling things, we needed a few additional ways to keep our lives organized.


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Skylight Calendar

I am obsessed with the Skylight calendar because it is an all-in-one calendar. Which means that you can sync up every calendar app you have to one place. 

This works great since my husband has a different calendar app for work. I can see his work schedule on the Skylight Frame or I can turn off that schedule so I can only see what I have going on for the day.

This digital calendar and app work best if you have multiple calendar apps you are trying to keep track of.

Goodnotes Planner

I recently found the Goodnotes Planner that can be used on an iPad, and am loving this entire concept!

The digital planner includes monthly and daily planner pages that can be used on your iPad, along with stickers to decorate your planner!



While I love using my paper planners, I do need more ways to keep our family organized digitally. So I tested out a bunch of planner options, and hope you see one that works for you and your family. 

I have a few I will be using in 2022.

First, I am using the Laurel Denise All-In-One planner to keep my family and our schedule organized. The Full Focus planner is for my work and business. Silk and Sonder planner will be used for my self-care. And the Skylight calendar is for keeping everyone’s schedules organized.

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4 thoughts on “Best Planners For 2022”

  1. Have you ever looked at the digital Artful Agenda planner? It’s great for people who love paper planners but want to try out a digital planner. It’s amazing.

  2. I didn’t see my favorite paper planner on the list – Plum Paper. They have three sizes and a ton of layouts to choose from. You can customize the start month and how many months you want, the cover and binding, what special days print on the monthly calendar as well as headers on the weekly/daily pages. There are also many add-ins that you can choose for both monthly and tabbed at the back. No matter what you want, you should be able to make one that fits you!

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