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6 Space-Saving Fridge Organization Hacks

These 6 hacks for organizing your fridge are perfect for any size refrigerator. Using psychology from grocery stores, we can keep your fridge organized too.

When your fridge stays organized, you end up saving money.

You eat your leftovers. You use everything you have. And you aren’t buying multiples of things that can expire.

So stop letting your fridge get disorganized. And start making a plan for keeping things tidy.

I am sharing 5 hacks (and a bonus hack) for how to keep your fridge organized for good! These hacks can work for most refrigerators. Some hacks may only apply to specific depths.

Hack 1

To keep your fridge organized, you have to give every shelf a specific purpose. That means that each shelf should hold a specific type of item.

All your drinks should go on the same shelf. Group fruits together. You get the idea!

The reason behind this, is that you are grouping items together like you would find at a grocery store. Did you know that their is a psychology behind the set-up of a grocery store?

That psychology is that paired products go together. Why do you think chips and bread are always by each other?

So group your foods like you would find at a supermarket so you use them together!

fridge organization fridge drawers organized with labels

Hack 2

Use drawers on shelves if limited on space. There are many types of drawers you can use that can either be stored under a shelf or stacked on a shelf.

I love using them because they can hold items you want to be grouped together.

We have stackable drawers that hold dairy items like yogurts, cheese sticks, and fruit.

All my favorite shelves are listed below:

Hack 3

Store leftovers together at eye level. When you store your leftovers at eye level, you are more likely to eat them. Because you can see them.

This all goes back to the psychology of grocery stores. They put “kid food” at kid eye level. So they will want to buy it. You can use that same trick for your leftovers.

Store all leftovers on the same shelf that is at your eye level.

Then you will be reminded that you have food every time you open the fridge.

Hack 4

Store condiments together. Again this goes back to grouping items together.

If you can, store condiments on the door so they don’t get lost in the back of the fridge.

If you can’t store on the fridge, use a container to keep them together. I use a rounder to hold our condiments together that cannot be on the door. Typically you don’t put dairy-based condiments on the door because the temperature fluctuates the most.

You can also store condiments in rows on shelves if you don’t have space for a bin.

fridge liner in drawers on shelves

Hack 5

Use containment if you find things get lost in the back of your fridge.

My mom’s fridge is deep and narrow. So things get lost in the back. We added bins to hold things based on categories and the fridge has stayed organized.

So if you find you need containment to stop things getting lost in the back, then use bins that fit your fridge.

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full fridge with shelf liner to keep things organized

Bonus Hack

And my bonus hack is something everyone can do…declutter fridge before you go to the grocery store.

Every single time you go to the grocery store, declutter.

Now there are two ways to do this. You can either declutter before you go. So you can put your food into a clean fridge.

Or you can declutter after you go. So as you are unpacking your groceries, you can remove things that you no longer need to keep or have expired.

Find a way that works for you, and stick with that!

grabbing items inside side by side refrigerator

Favorite Products

If you are looking for products to help you organize your fridge, below are some of my favorites. But I only recommend products if you find they will help you stay organized. If they take up space in your fridge, then don’t use them!

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