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Checking In On Lego Storage

The Organized Kids share a peek into their color-coded Lego storage system using IKEA Kallax shelves and Kuggis bins with custom labels to keep things organized!

A while back, we created a Lego storage system that allowed the kids to color-code their Lego bricks. They requested this which is why we spent the time sorting. If your kid doesn’t care, I highly suggest not color-coding the bricks! But mine wanted their Lego bricks color-coded. So they could remake some of their old Lego sets and searching for the pieces by color was much easier than having all the Lego bricks in one container.

It has been some time, so we decided to check in on that color-coded Lego brick system we created. And The Organized Kids are sharing how the system has held up.

What Worked With This Lego Storage System

I believe that the best thing we did with this Lego storage system was to have a bin that was for all the loose bricks that needed to be sorted. The reason this was so helpful to keeping up with this Lego storage system was that we could just dump the bricks into the bin for a quick clean up at the end of the night. We did not have to worry about messing up the color-coded system. Because all the bricks would be sorted later, we didn’t worry about mixing colors. We also didn’t have to spend time putting things in the proper bins every night. We can just sweep the Lego bricks into one bin and deal with it when we have more time.


What Didn’t Work With This Lego Storage System

Since the kids enjoy creating new Lego creations, we often run out of space. And because of that, we have to continuously check in with the creations and decide if they are worth keeping. This makes it tough if the kids both create a few different things and want to keep them all. We just don’t have the space for all their creations. So we have to be mindful of how many Lego creations we make at one time before we have to take them apart and store the bricks.

To fix this, we are thinking of adding some shelving above where the Lego storage system is. That way we can create more space for storing the Lego creations. This would help us be able to keep up with the Lego storage because we won’t have to go through the to sort bin as frequently.

How You Can Recreate In Your Home

Love this Lego storage system? Well it is really easy to recreate! Start with IKEA Kallax shelves. Then get the IKEA Kuggis bins to store the Lego bricks. Finally, add my custom sticker labels to add to the bins. And boom! You just created the best Lego storage system that totally holds up to kids’ playing!

Now if you are going to color-code your bricks, I suggest you start by putting them in baggies to get an idea of what size Kuggis bins you need. For us, we have the large bins (10 ¼x13 ¾x6 “) for our manuals, to sort, gray, black, white, blue, brown, and red. We have the medium bins (10 ¼x13 ¾x3 ¼ “) for our yellow, wheels, and green bricks. Then the small bins (7×10 ¼x3 ¼ “) for the people and orange bricks. 

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