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How Do You Declutter When Everything Is Sentimental?

How do you get rid of sentimental clutter? What do you do if everything is sentimental? These steps will help you decide what to keep!

Sentimental items are the items in your home that have meaning to you. Maybe it is a baby blanket or a jacket from high school. Maybe its pictures or photo albums.

They are items that have a special sentimental value that you have placed on that particular item to have significant meaning to you.

Sentimental items are always the hardest things to part with. So how can you declutter when you find everything that is left is sentimental?

Use What Works

Back when I started organizing with clients, I realized there are some simple things that work really well when it comes to sentimental items.

First, you have to create a designated space for stuff to keep. Because we like to keep everything.

So having a specific amount of space to keep items helps our brains process our things because it is so clearly defined.

Second, you have to ask yourself (or your clients) the right questions.

And third, you need to have a plan for the items that you don’t want to keep stuck in a storage box.

The Workbook For Decluttering Sentimental Items includes all these steps I have learned over the years.

Take Action

The Workbook For Decluttering Sentimental Items walks you through the steps you need to take while decluttering.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with clutter and the amount of special items you have, you can get access to a plan of action that works.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a professional organizer, then this workbook is the perfect solution for you.

The workbook guides you through the entire process of decluttering your sentimental items. You start with collecting all the items. Then you sort them into piles. Once they are in piles, you sort again.

With the help of sentimental decluttering questions, you can make decisions on why you need to keep an item. Where that item should be displayed. And how you are going to display that item.

Continue To Declutter

Purchase the Workbook For Decluttering Sentimental Items by clicking the link.

Then you will get an email with the PDF download sent to your inbox.

Click the link to download the PDF.

You can either print the workbook out. Or you can add it to your Kindle or iBooks library.

Read through the entire workbook first.

Then take action on the steps you need support. As you are going through the steps, make sure to take your time. This isn’t a sprint. Decluttering sentimental items is a marathon.

Keep the workbook for the next time you need to declutter sentimental items. Because we always have them around the house. So the workbook can be your reference when you find yourself with tons of items you need to declutter. Or on an as-needed basis.

How To Get Rid Of Sentimental Clutter

In order to truly get rid of sentimental clutter, you have to start with a plan. And that plan should be something that has been used for years, like the Workbook For Decluttering Sentimental Items.

After you purchase the workbook, read the entire thing through.

Start asking yourself the decluttering questions. Make a plan for items you want to keep in a memory box. And decide how to display items you love.

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