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Declutter Fast With A Declutter Caddie

Do you find that you get distracted whenever you start a declutter or organizing project? Well you are not alone! A few years ago, I was in a clients home and she had this exact problem. The client was telling me that whenever she would start an organizing project she would get sidetracked. Maybe she…

Do you find that you get distracted whenever you start a declutter or organizing project? Well you are not alone!

A few years ago, I was in a clients home and she had this exact problem. The client was telling me that whenever she would start an organizing project she would get sidetracked. Maybe she would need something like a bag or cleaning supply. So she would run to grab it. But when she got to the place the cleaning supply was, she found herself starting to organize that spot.

So she had all these projects she started, but wasn’t able to finish because she was getting so discouraged. In order to help her stay focused, we created a declutter caddie. Inside the declutter caddie is all the things she needed for her decluttering project.

She never had to worry about getting sidetracked because she kept everything together in one small caddie.

And creating a declutter caddie takes very little effort. It only took us 8 minutes to find all the supplies she needed!

declutter caddie including label pack, rag, scissors, Post-It notes, pens, guidebook, checklists, and more

Why You Need A Declutter Caddie

A declutter caddie is similar to a cleaning caddie. It helps keep all the supplies together so you can get the job done quickly. Just like with cleaning, you keep all the supplies together to make cleaning easier, the declutter caddie does the same thing.

As I shared above, a declutter caddie can help stop you from starting and stopping projects because you have to find a cleaning supply or grab an extra bag. Everything you need is inside the caddie. And you can carry that caddie with you from room to room. Which means that you aren’t wasting time collecting supplies for each room. You have everything you need with you the entire time.

If you notice that you get easily distracted while decluttering, having a declutter caddie next to you can help you stay focused. Now how can it do that, you may be asking. Well, when you have all the supplies you need, you won’t be able to use the “excuse” of stopping a project in the middle to go find a supply. Because you have everything in the declutter caddie, you are tricking yourself into completing the task.

declutter caddy guidebook with caddy next to clipboard

How To Use A Declutter Caddie

Before I start any organizing or decluttering project, I make sure I have a plan. That plan includes what areas I am going to organize along with clearing some mental clutter.

Once you are good with your plan, you can take action. And that action can take place with your declutter caddie.

The declutter caddie comes along for every organizing and decluttering project (big or small), you want to do. This way you don’t have to worry about spending time searching for things you need. If you are reorganizing a drawer, grab your declutter caddie so you can declutter fast. Going through your clothing? The declutter caddie can help you stay focused because everything you need is inside this caddie.

Let’s say you decided you are going to organize your office space. You clear the mental clutter by using the guiding questions in my free practical guide to decluttering and organizing your home. Then you can grab your declutter caddie and get to work.

As you clear off your desk, you have bags ready for you to collect those papers you can part with. Once your desk is clear, you can clean it with the cleaning supplies that are inside the caddie. If you notice your phone is dying because of the music you are playing, you can charge it because you have your phone charger in your declutter caddie as well.

Now your office is organized and you didn’t waste time searching for your cleaning supplies because they were in your declutter caddie. So you can enjoy the things you love to do, rather than the things you feel you have to do…like organizing your office.

cleaning supplies with declutter caddy guide

How To Create A Declutter Caddie

The very first thing you need to create a declutter caddie is a caddie. Now you can use anything you already have, like a bin or basket. Or you can purchase something that fits your needs. No need to overcomplicate where you are storing these items. Just use whatever makes sense.

Then grab my digital declutter caddie kit. The digital download includes a guide for how to set up your declutter caddy. I always like to explain things so you don’t feel like you are missing anything when it comes to setting up your caddie for the first time. There is also a checklist of supplies to keep in your declutter caddie. I like checklists because I can check off things I have once I put them in the caddie.

My declutter checklist is included as well. This checklist is the one I use when I work with virtual organizing clients. The focus of the checklist is to keep you on task while you are organizing and decluttering. By keeping this checklist in your declutter caddie, you have a plan of action every single time you declutter. So you don’t have to worry about what to do next. You have everything listed out in a checklist.

I am a huge believer in asking yourself questions. So I included my favorite declutter questions to ask yourself as you declutter. I recommend laminating this one because it will get used a lot. These are questions to help you decide if an item is worth keeping or if you can part with it.

And I have my sorting tags. These tags are used when you are sorting through your items. Having that visual as you sort prevents things from getting into the wrong pile.

Plus, my complete printable label pack is included in the declutter caddie as well. These are labels that I recommend using for every area of your home. Because when things are labeled, you are less likely to put something in the wrong place.

Declutter Fast With The Declutter Caddie

Using a declutter caddie for every organizing and decluttering project I do helps me so much. I don’t have to worry about finding all the supplies I need before I even start. Instead I can grab my caddie and get to work. No wasted time looking for things. Or having to start and stop while working on an organizing project.

Why do you think professional organizers bring a bag of things to every project they go to?

The declutter caddie is the same as an organizer’s bag.

But you might not want to collect all the stuff. Maybe you just want it delivered right to your door.

If that sounds like you, grab my complete declutter caddie kit. Inside the complete declutter caddie kit, you get everything but the caddie.

In addition to all the items listed above, you get Extreme Post-It notes. I love these Post-It notes because they truly stick to every surface for long periods of time. My favorite pens and scissors are included. Along with a microfiber cloth. This is perfect for dusting off shelves or floors that need a good wipe-down before you put things back.

The label bundle is printed onto white, vinyl sticker paper. This makes it perfect to use on bin clips or directly onto jars, canisters, or bins. The sorting tags are laminated so you can reuse them with each project.

All the checklists and guides are printed out for you as well. Making this the easies way to create your declutter caddie. Just open the package, put the items inside the caddie of your choosing. And get to decluttering!

While having a declutter caddie is key to keeping me focused, it isn’t everything. You have to take action on your projects. That means you need to do the hard work of deciding what you are going to keep and what you can part with.

To help you make those tough decisions, I have some posts I know you will love.

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