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The Do’s And Don’ts of the Feng Shui Bagua

Use the bagua feng shui mapping to find balance in your home and in your life. This guide walks you through using modern feng shui principles.

The bagua is the feng shui energy map of your home. The purpose of the bagua is to get your home into alignment using the energy fields in your home. This past year, I became a certified feng shui consultant and had to do an energy mapping of my entire home. Once I spent the time rearranging and aligning each area of my home, I felt a shift in the energy we were experiencing in every space of our home. So I want to share with you how to do the same in your home so you can find that peace and balance. Feng shui requires you to declutter first. Then you can get into energy mapping your home.

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What Is A Bagua

The bagua (pronounced ba-goo-ah) is an energy map of your home. There are two approaches to the mapping. The classic bagua requires far more care to detail. You must use a compass and find the exact direction your front door faces.

The modern bagua doesn’t focus as much on the exact direction the front door faces when creating your map. I prefer the modern bagua over the classic.

Both the classic and the modern feng shui bagua maps have 8 areas of the mapping around a center point. The classic bagua has you create hexagonal shapes around the middle. While the modern bagua map can just be squares.

I have the modern bagua map included in my free feng shui handbook you can get below.

The 8 Areas Of The Bagua Feng Shui Map

The bagua map areas are:

  • Wealth
  • Fame
  • Partnership
  • Family
  • Health Center
  • Children
  • Knowledge
  • Career
  • Travel

Now you may notice that there are 9 areas. That is because the health is the center of the map.

Within each box in your bagua map will be dominated by one of the areas listed above. Each area has specific colors, textures, and elements. These colors, textures, and elements are to support you with all aspects of your life.

The areas are placed in such a way that you can determine the environmental effects on your own life. Using the bagua mapping makes it easier for you to define changes you need to make in your life so things are in balance.

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What Are The Areas Of The Bagua

To create a modern bagua feng shui map, get a piece of paper and draw 9 boxes. You can also use the layout I provide in the free feng shui workbook.

The top left box is dominated by wealth. In the top, middle box is dominated by fame. This means how others view you, along with how you view yourself. I don’t love that it is called “fame”. I feel it is more reputation than “fame”. The top right box is dominated by partnership and love. This area you can focus on finding love or building a love you currently have.

The middle left box is family, which focuses on the family you have and those who you connect to as family. Your health center is in the middle. And the middle right box is dominated by creativity.

The bottom left box is dominated by knowledge. The middle bottom box is focused on career. And the bottom left box is dominated by travel.

Each of the boxes in your bagua has specific elements that go along with the box. In addition to that, there are colors and textures that are recommended for each area. The purpose of that is to create alignment with your home and your life.

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How To Create A Bagua Feng Shui Map

I prefer to energy map by going room by room. But you can also do bagua mapping for entire floors of your home. The steps are the exact same.

Draw a layout of your first floor or your specific room. I found that rough estimates work just as well as scaled drawings. You decide which works best for you. Then lay your 9 boxes over the floor plan you just drew. The bottom boxes line up with your front door or main entryway. You can visually see where each of the 9 areas of your floor plan fall within in bagua mapping.

I needed to stand at our front door. For us, it is in our travel area, which makes sense since the door represents leaving and coming back. From there, I can move to the next box to see if that space is in alignment.

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Aligning Your Home With Bagua Feng Shui

Once you have determined each box of your floor or room, you can start getting those areas into alignment. All of the items I am talking about about included in the free feng shui handbook as well.

Now modern feng shui is very open to using items to represent these materials, colors, and textures. You can get creative with how you display certain things. Since I like going room-by-room, I will not be painting each area of the room that specific color. That would just look ridiculous. Instead, I will include pillows, artwork, or decor that can represent those colors, textures, and shapes.

Dominate Areas Of The Bagua Map

The areas dominated by metal elements, are travel and creativity. This means that those areas should have things like greys, blacks, or whites for color. Metal elements and circles shapes.

The areas of your home that are dominated by a water sign is career . So this means blues and blacks for color, mirrors, waves, and actual water. This could be a cool water fountain display or textured waves in a picture or on a lamp or pillow.

Earth element are dominated in the love, health center, and knowledge ares of your home. So it should include browns, and neutral colors, ceramics, and/or square shapes.

Wood element is dominated in wealth and family. Which means plants, greens, and columns should be featured. Basically anything woody would be of great significance in this area.

And fire element is dominate in the reputation area. This is where you can use electronics, pinks and reds for color, and triangle shapes. Also a plus, if you can add actual fire to this area. In our kitchen, our stovetop is in this area.

Now notice I am saying “dominated”. This means that there should be more of these types of elements in that area, but not only those types of elements. Maybe you have a ceramic planter with a plant in the planter. You can keep that in that area without it losing its balance for your home.

The very first step of feng shui is to declutter. Which is so important to me. When you declutter your space, you are able to clear a lot of mental clutter as well. These posts focus on all of that!

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