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Stop Toy Clutter With Toy Bin Labels

Why are toy bin labels so important? I am breaking down why you need toy bin labels, along with how to use them.

If you have a child, know a child, or have seen a child walking around, you know they love their stuff. But all that stuff can quickly turn into clutter. Around the house. In the car. Outside the house. Even in your purse. You can find toy clutter.

Toy clutter are the piles of toys lying around your house. It just comes with the territory of having kids.

One easy way to stop the piles of toys from piling up is to create containment for the kids’ stuff. This could be in the form of bins, baskets, or shelves.

In addition to the containment, you need to add labels to each basket, bin, or shelf. Toy bin labels are the number one way to teach kids how to pick up after themselves. Which is called a “life skill”. Because the bin is labeled with the items that should go inside, it takes the guesswork out of cleaning up for kids. That overwhelming feeling doesn’t take over. The label made life easy for the kiddos.

Think about it. In school, the kids know where everything belongs. Why? Because it is all labeled. The same should be done at home.

What Are Toy Bin Labels

Toy bin labels are the labels that go on toy bins, baskets, or shelves. The labels can come in may forms. There are many different ways you can label which is why the term is so broad.

Typically you see pictures laminated on a basket or bin for younger kids. This is called a picture label.

Text and picture on a bin or basket is another form of picture label. The text can support early literacy with young kids, along with supporting reading in any child.

Just text labels are great for bins, baskets or shelves. These are what you typically think of when you hear the word “label”.

three hand lettered printable stickers labels on black bins in play room. cursive font on white bin clips.

Benefits Of Toy Bin Labels

Now why would you want to label you toy bins? I have a few reasons why it would benefit you to label the toy bins.

  • Allows independence in cleaning up– when you have labels on the toy bins, kids can take more ownership of cleaning up. Because they can see where toys go, even toddlers can help without your support. They can see the picture on the bin and put the toy in that bin.
  • Gives kids control– when kids can see where their toys are, they feel in control over their things. They are less likely to hold onto things in random places because they can visually see where everything belongs. They don’t feel like they will misplace an item because they know where it should go.
  • Teaches life skills– a life skill is a skill kids need to be independent adults. These skills can include organizing, meal prep, and other things we were taught in “home ec”.
  • Ensures proper care of toys– when the toy bins are labeled, the kids are more likely to take care of their toys. They can do this because they are more willing to clean up and store the toys in the proper bins. Allowing the kids to take better care of their items.
  • Limits lost items– when bins have labels, it is easy for everyone, not just the kids, to put things back where they belong. And when you put things back where they belong, less items will be lost.
  • Keeps toys to a minimum– one reason labeling toy bins is so important is because when kids have specific spots for specific toys to go, they are less likely to collect more than what can fit. This helps everyone in the family keep toys to a minimum.
bins in playroom with picture labels

Where To Start With Labeling Toy Bins

With any organizing project, you have to start with decluttering. And labeling toy bins is no exception.

Round up all the toys and sort them into categories. From those categories, you will place the toys that fall into that category into a bin. If a toy doesn’t fit into a category you have created, then you can feel confident to donate, sell, or trash that item.

By keeping toys tidy in category bins, you are less likely to collect unnecessary toys that the kids don’t use. So stick to the categories you created.

If you need help with those categories, download my free guide below.

How To Use Toy Bin Labels

The easiest way to use toy bin labels is to have picture and text labels using real pictures for younger kiddos. And text for older kiddos. Which is why my toy bin label pack is the perfect solution to keeping the toys organized.

The toy bin label pack comes with two types of labels. There are picture labels with text. And there are just text labels. Both are perfect for supporting kids toy organization.

The picture and text labels can be printed off on any type of paper. Then you can laminate using a laminating machine. Or you can use my favorite non-machine way, which includes covering the labels in clear contact paper.

Add Velcro dots to the bin and label. Or hole-punch the picture and use a ring binder clip to clip onto the bin. Each option works better on different types of bins. The Velcro works best on smooth surface bins, while the binder clip works best on the canvas bins or bins with a handle.

The text labels fit perfectly on bin clips. Print the text label out on paper. Cut out the labels and slide them into the bin clip.

If you don’t want to use bin clips, you can print the text labels out on sticker paper. Cut them to the size you need. And adhere them onto the bin.

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