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Fridge Organization Ideas Anyone Can Use

Easy fridge organization ideas anyone can do that professional organizers, The Organized Mama, has demonstrated with an easy to follow tutorial.

When it comes to your fridge, food can easily get lost in the back. These easy fridge organization ideas are perfect for helping you maintain an orderly fridge without the fuss!

Fridge Organization Ideas Anyone Can Do

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Empty Fridge

The first step to maintaining an organized fridge is to empty the entire fridge. This helps you eliminate anything that is expired, outdated, or moldy!

fridge organization with bins holding together yogurt, beer, and drinks

Group Together

Then group all the items that you want to store in the fridge together by category. This will help when putting things away.

Store In Bins

Store the like items together in clear bins. This will help maintain order within your fridge. You can also add a turntable (or Lazy Susan) to the fridge to keep things tidy so they don’t get hidden in the back of the fridge. I love the iDesign storage bins for grouping items together. They are clear so you can see what is in each bin. And I love the OXO Greensaver for storing fruits and veggies!

fridge organization with professional organizer finishing up by stacking fridge bins for easy storage

Maintaining Order

The best ways to maintain order in the fridge is to keep things grouped together. When you go to the store, put things away based on where the grouping is. For example, if you bought more milk for the kids, unpack and store with the rest of the milk boxes. If you purchased fruits, store them in the crisper drawer with the other fruits. This will help you maintain fridge organization because all the food for one category is stored together.

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