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Girls and Boys Bathroom Ideas

Girls and boys bathroom ideas to help keep the bathroom organized by using drawer organizers, under sink storage and more!

Eli and Adleigh share a bathroom. We have transformed that space so many times because we needed an organizing system that worked for both kiddos. With some tweaking we come up with some really create girls and boys bathroom ideas that can work for any gender kiddo because the goal is to teach them to be organized!

Keep The Counters Tidy

One of my favorite ways to keep the counters tidy is to use trays to hold the kids’ stuff. Because when you use a tray, the kids have a specific spot to put things on. We have a few for the kids. First I have one that I use to hold Adleigh’s hair ties, scrunchies, and bath bombs. I have another tray that holds the kids drinking cups.

I have two out so that they can have specific spots to put their things and we don’t get stuff mixed up or not make it on the tray. When they don’t have designated trays for their bathroom items, they end up leaving them everywhere!

My Favorite Bathroom Organizing Products can be found here!

Use Drawers For A Few Things

In the kids’ bathroom, we have two small drawers. So I try to only keep one type of thing in each drawer. One of our drawers holds toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. While the other holds hair brushes. By keeping each drawer to one category, it helps the kids keep things organized. 

Another way to use the drawers is to use drawer dividers for each type of item. So if you have a large drawer, you can use drawer dividers and label each divider with the type of item that goes in the divider. 

bathroom under sink storage with organizers and turntables

Add Under Sink Storage

Another idea for girls and boys bathroom ideas is to use under sink storage to help keep things organized. There are a lot of different under sink storage products so find some that work with your space. For us, we have pipes that take up a lot of space, so I needed to find an under sink storage shelf that worked around the pipes.


Only Keep What You Need

Another way to organize bathrooms is to only keep what you need in the bathroom. Everything else can be stored elsewhere! This is really helpful, especially when you have lots of unnecessary things in the bathroom that end up taking space that is actually usable for the kids. I have seen this with lots of in-home clients. So start by removing everything. Then only putting back the things the kids use inside the bathroom drawers and cabinets. Everything else can either be stored behind their items they use or in a different location like a linen closet or extra bathroom.

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