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How To Organize Your Kids’ Bathroom Vanity Like A Pro

Learn the secrets on how to organize a kids' bathroom vanity like a pro as professional organizer shows you what you need to do to keep bathrooms tidy.

My kids bathroom has been tricky to keep organized for a few reasons. First, it is an awkward space. The backsplash was put in a little too high, limiting wall space to hang things or add shelving any human could reach. Second, the bathroom vanity has no shelving inside. It is just one large open cabinet all the way through. Third, we only have two tiny drawers. In order to organize the kids’ bathroom vanity, I needed to use a few products, rework a few things, and create systems that can grow with them as they grow into that bathroom. So I used the following strategies below to create something that will last (or at least grow with them so all I have to do is make some minor tweaks)!

kids bathroom vanity drawer organizer with hairbrushes and wash rags

How To Organize Your Kids’ Bathroom Vanity Like A Pro

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Clear The Clutter

First thing with any kids’ bathroom is to remove any excess clutter. There is always stuff piling up in kids’ bathrooms because it is so easy to collect stuff and forget about it. Like all that baby stuff!! When I was cleaning out the drawers and cabinets in the kids’ bathroom vanity, I found some old stuff we used when the kids were younger but we no longer need. Make sure you take time to get rid of stuff you no longer use in the bathroom to help you organize the vanity!

If you haven’t gone through the bathroom vanity before, then I recommend taking everything out. Go through each item as you pull it out to decide if you want to keep things or if you can donate/trash.

Group Like Items Together

The easiest way to create order in a bathroom is to group like items together. That means all hair ties should be stored together. Since our bathroom is limited on under sink space and drawer space, we decided to use acrylic canisters to hold hair ties on the bathroom counter. Since they are acrylic, I am fine with them being in the kids’ bathroom.

After you have pulled out all the items in the vanity, start grouping items together and storing those groupings together. Now this won’t always work because you may have many bulk items that don’t fit in the bathroom vanity. But if you can, store like items together.

You can do this in a few ways. Option one is to store all hair items together. Think things like brushes, hair ties, hair products. Keep all those items together in a bin under the bathroom sink. This option works best if you have lots of space to store items together.

Option two is storing sub-categories together, like what I had to do in our bathroom. I kept all the hair ties together in a container on the counter, and stored the brushes in a drawer. I used this acrylic canister to hold the hair ties.

Whichever option you pick, make sure you can keep up with it in your space!

waste bucket on vanity with tray to organize counters

Use Trays To Keep Counters Tidy

Trays are your best friend when wanting to keep counters tidy. The reason being is that it gives all your items a designated place on your counter, instead of having lotions and soaps sitting all over the counters.

I have used a variety of sizes of trays depending on what items you need to keep on the counters. Start by putting all the items you need to keep on the counter together. Then find a tray that can hold all those items. This will help keep the clutter on the counter to a minimum. Plus you are able to have enough space to store all the items that you want on the counter because you found a tray that fits everything.

For our bathroom I have this acrylic tray for the kids’ lotions. (And my all-time favorite trash basket here)

Drawer Organizers Are Your Friend

Keeping all the items in your drawer contained is going to help, especially when it comes to organizing your kids’ bathroom vanity. To find the drawer organizers that are the right size, start by measuring your drawers. Then lay out all the items you want to store in the drawer. Now you can find the perfect drawer organizers because you know size and what you want to store. If needed, cut out the size of the drawer organizers on paper and place in your drawer to see how it would fit. I’d go as far as saying put the items that you plan to put in the drawer organizer on the paper as well. This is a great way to figure out if your plan will work.

I love these drawer organizers and have these drawer organizers in our bathroom to hold their toothbrush and toothpaste, and hairbrushes.

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