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How Do You Fold Your Towels?

Professional organizer is sharing her tips for how to fold towels.

Things are getting crazy as the countdown to September is on its way!  As we have tackled small projects around the house, my goal is to get everything organized by the time the kids go back to school, and I’ve challenged all of you to follow along!  The past two days were all about the bathrooms and getting everything organized in those spaces.  Today, we are focusing on the linen closet…which leads to my question, how do you fold your towels?

How Do You Fold Your Towels?

I know there are a million and twenty ways to fold towels, but what way works the best for your linen closet?  For me, and my OCD ways, I have to fold towels into thirds.  I start by laying the towel out and folding it into thirds.  Then into thirds again.  This makes “happy towels”.  I saw this on an episode of a 90’s TV show, but for the life of me, cannot remember which one.  But ever since I saw this, I had to fold my towels this way.  Seriously, when I was a kid, this is what I remember from a TV show!

Last month, I shared how I organized our linen closet.  All that was left was to add labels to make things easy to find.  So I created these cute labels using kraft paper and my Silhouette Cameo that I got for a Mother’s Day/Wedding Anniversary/Birthday gift from my family.  Then, I tied ribbons to give the linen closet some visual interest, and I couldn’t be happier!

How Do You Fold Your Towels? - Kids Sheets Linen Closet

I also shared some tips for ways in which you can organize your linen closet.  My biggest tip is to remove everything before you start to organize a space.  It allows you to visually see the blank canvas you have to work with.  Take time to group items together.  Then find bins/containers/some sort of storage solution to hold those items.  This way you aren’t trying to create an organizational system using bins/containers that don’t meet your needs.

How Do You Fold Your Towels? - Towels

To fold towels effectively, I have found using the “happy towels method”. I learned this forever ago from a tv show called Step By Step. The mom, Carol, folded her towels like this: one-third, one-third, fold, fold…happy towel (making a smile with the towel).

I love doing this because it just looks cleaner when placed on a shelf.

Another way to fold is to roll all your towels and fit them tightly into the linen closet or cabinet.

So tell me, how do you fold your towels?

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7 thoughts on “How Do You Fold Your Towels?”

  1. Wasn’t it “One third, one third, bend, bend, and fold”? I can still hear the “happy towels” lecture in my head but can’t for the life of me remember what it came from. Sadly, this has plagued me for years!!!!

        1. If you still haven’t solved the mystery (5 years later), it’s Step by Step season 4 episode 17!

          It’s available on Hulu.

    1. Carol Lambert from Step-by-Step (TGIF). I am trying to find the clip to settle an argument… …which landed me here. LoL

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