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How To Create A Mobile Gift Wrapping Station

Who is heading out for some Black Friday shopping?  I have done my fair share of Black Friday shopping before kids.  One year, my mom and I woke up at like 4:30 and waited in line at Best Buy to buy DVD players…yes, it was a while ago that I have done that, but I…

Who is heading out for some Black Friday shopping?  I have done my fair share of Black Friday shopping before kids.  One year, my mom and I woke up at like 4:30 and waited in line at Best Buy to buy DVD players…yes, it was a while ago that I have done that, but I got those DVD players for $10 a piece!  Then we got home around 7:00 and slept until lunch, because it is exhausting getting up that early and racing through stores to get cheap electronics!

We started planning our route and what we were going to be hitting up about a week before.  Now, with kiddos, I don’t think I can make myself do that whole Black Friday thing as early as I would like, but the deals on toys and electronics are just so good to pass up.  I’m thinking we will be doing out holiday shopping via Cyber Monday and getting all the toys delivered to our house.  I am keeping them organized by recording everything I am buy and writing it in my holiday binder.  (I shared how I put together my holiday binder here with free printables to keep you organized!)  But with all the toys being delivered in boxes, I still need to wrap them and get them looking pretty.  So I’m sharing how I have created a mobile gift-wrapping station.  I need something that I can carry around the house because I gift wrap either in our living room, my office, or in the basement.

Getting Ready For Gifts Wrapping Station

How To Create A Mobile Gift Wrapping Station

I feel like I have so much stuff that goes with wrapping gifts.  I have wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, and cards.  Then I have the scissors and tape and embellishments I use to decorate the cards and gifts with.  Since the holidays are quickly approaching, I wanted to clean up my gift wrapping station.  I made one a few years back and have kept it in our basement storage closet.  It works great for birthdays, but with many gifts having to be wrapped, I need something that is a little more mobile than the one I have now.

My current gift wrapping station was created because I had gift wrapping materials all over the house.  I started by grabbing an extra bin that was rather large because I knew it had to hold all my wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper.  I took all the gift bags and threw out the ones that were torn or well-loved.  Then I sorted all the gift bags by size, with the small bags in the front and the large bags in the back.

Gift Wrap Station

Once the gift bags were put away, I took a small box, and placed it in the bin to hold my wrapping paper rolls.  Then, I took the tissue paper and placed it between the box holding the wrapping paper and the small gift bags.

As my gift wrapping items grew, I needed another solution for the wrapping paper, so I had a giant tin that was a gift filled with popcorn from years ago.  The popcorn is long gone, but I kept the tin because it is my hometown football team, and I need to represent since I am living here in Chicago.  So I took this tin, and put all my wrapping paper and other rolled items like FloraCraft Decorative Mesh and shelving liner Shelf Liner into the tin.  This made for a perfect solution for my wrapping paper.  My gift bags and tissue paper are now able to take up the entire space of the bin.

Holiday Bags

But this station is not mobile, and I have to grab everything I need and make the (small) hike upstairs to wrap gifts.  It might not seem like much but when you have to go up two (small) staircases just to bring up all the wrapping paper to wrap presents, it can be a lot.  I decided to make a gift wrapping station using only my holiday wrapping paper and gift bags.  This way, I don’t have to schlep ALL the wrapping paper upstairs.

Grab a bin or tin that is small enough that you can carry, but big enough to hold most of your holiday wrapping paper and gift bags.  I found this one in the dollar spot at Target.  It is really cheap, plastic, has handles, and the perfect size for a portable gift wrapping station for the holidays.

Gift Wrapping Bucket

Using my Silhouette Cameo and some white vinyl, I cut out some letters to decorate the bin.  You can also use some fun stickers to add to the bin.  Now is the time to stock up on holiday stickers because they seem to be everywhere!

Supplies Gift Wrapping Station

Then, I took some time to go through all my gift bags and pulled out the holiday bags that I had in my stash.  I also grabbed my favorite wrapping paper.  We have a lot of wrapping paper because the neighbors sell the wrapping paper for their sports teams, and I love supporting those things!  I still need to get some more holiday gift bags, so I’ll be on the hunt for cute gift bags.  And I will also be buying a ton of gift bags after Christmas, because that is when they are on sale.

Attaching Supplies To Gift Wrapping Station

I also wanted to keep a pair of scissors, tape, pens, and cards in my mobile gift wrapping station, so I grabbed a bag to attach to the tin using a clip.  I got this bag from Studio Calico’s stationary monthly subscription kit.  This is one of my favorite subscription programs because you get an adorable bag with tons of cards, embellishments, and other goodies each month delivered to your door!  (This is not sponsored, I just think this is such an amazing idea and love the products!)

My mobile gift wrapping station will be located next to my gift wrapping station that is in our storage closet.  I think it makes the most sense to keep all the gift wrapping stations together for when I need more supplies.  I can just grab some of my second favorite wrapping paper to replenish my mobile gift wrapping station if I run out of my favorites.

Gift Wrapping Station

Now it’s your turn to get your gift wrapping station organized and ready for the holidays!  Grab a bin/tin/storage container and put your favorite wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue paper inside.  Attach a bag to hold scissors, cards, tape, pens, etc. using a clip to secure the bag to the bin/tin/storage container.  Place your mobile gift wrapping station near all your other gift wrapping items for easy replenishing as needed.



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