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How To Declutter Under Kitchen Sink

As you know, our kitchen is not my favorite spot in the house.  I have done quite a bit of work to make that space more like a kitchen I would love by adding some personal details, organizing the space, and clearing the clutter that was taking up the space on the counters.  We have…

As you know, our kitchen is not my favorite spot in the house.  I have done quite a bit of work to make that space more like a kitchen I would love by adding some personal details, organizing the space, and clearing the clutter that was taking up the space on the counters.  We have contemplated how to make this space work for us and have finally decided to remodel the kitchen!!  (Squeal!!)  I am so excited about this upcoming reno because we have been talking about it since we moved in.  Now we get to start designing the space, which I cannot wait to share with you rather soon.

But, with the reno getting me incredibly pumped, there is still one area of the kitchen that is driving me crazy, and I cannot live with it any longer…even if it will only be for five more months.  And that is under the kitchen sink.  It is so cluttered and disorganized and nothing has a home.  When we first moved in, everything had a place that we put under the sink.  But, as the kids grew, so did the amount of cleaning supplies we had to hide under the sink.  And we never got around to organizing anything.

How To Declutter Under Kitchen Sink

So we were left with a mess, and I needed to take action to declutter the space and get some order back into our supplies that we keep under the kitchen sink.  I started this project just like I start every project.  Empty the entire space.  Then clean the cabinet.

Sorting Items Kitchen

Once the under the sink cabinet was cleaned, I added some liner to the bottom.  I love adding drawer liner to any area I organize for a few reasons.  First, it makes things super easy to clean up, as the liner can be wiped down and most things don’t really stick to the liner.  Second, if you end up having a huge spill, you can just remove the liner and your cabinets are not ruined because of the spill.  And third, it makes the cabinets look really pretty, which makes you want to keep that space looking organized and put together.

Shelf Liner Kitchen Sink

I have a few rolls of fun and decorative drawer liner, but I have also used wrapping paper and covered it with clear contact paper.  Or, I have also just used clear contact paper Clear Contact Paper on the shelves that look really nice, but I don’t want them to get ruined in case of a spill.  Regardless of what you use, I totally recommend lining your shelves.

Then, I sorted all the items that I pulled out from under the sink into piles.  One pile was for keeping under the sink, another pile was for storing in the laundry room with some other cleaning supplies, and the third pile was for trash.  The trash pile was for all the old, empty, or not needed products that were under the sink.

I grabbed a garbage bag to throw out all the items in the trash pile.  I made sure all the bottles were empty so I could recycle them.  Then, I moved the cleaning supplies that were to be stored in our cleaning caddie in the laundry room.  I made sure that the cleaning caddie didn’t get overloaded with cleaning products either!  Which ended up being perfect timing because I was running low on some of my cleaning products, so I refilled or made my products so my caddie was ready to be used for the week!

Under Kitchen Sink Scrub

I made my way back up to the kitchen.  I needed to focus to get the under the sink cabinet organized, but was having a hard time coming up with effective ways to keep us organized due to the giant garbage disposal taking up a huge chunk of room in the cabinet.  Then, I thought I could put the Kitchen Helper Shelf in front of the garbage disposal, I could create more room for our things and hide that ugly thing in the cabinet!

Scrub Bin Under Sink

That actually worked really well, because I could fit the trash bags, dishwasher detergent, and rinse aid on the top of the shelf, and scrubbers on the bottom in a bin I had been using for all our scurbbers before I lost control of the cabinet.  I cleaned out our scrubber bin and sorted the scurbbers into categories within the bin to keep us extra organized!  I also took an empty disinfectant wipe container to store our trash bags.  Since we love buying the trash bags in bulk, the box is just much too large to store, so if I keep a smaller roll of garbage bags in the disinfectant wipe container, I wouldn’t have to struggle getting out a trash bag from the large pile of bags.

I found another bin like the one I am keeping the scrubbers in to hold our cleaning supplies.  I made sure to clean the bin and store it in the cabinet so I could easily get the cleaning supplies.  All the supplies fit, with the exception of my all-purpose cleaner.  I am fine with leaving that out since I use it all the time.  And I wanted to make sure the fire extinguisher was easy to reach under the sink as well.  We have yet to use it, but it is so nice to know that we have it just in case!

Under Kitchen Sink Clean

Finally, I put our extra supplies behind the supplies we are currently using.  I put our dish soap behind the cleaning supplies.  Since the bottle is so large, it makes it easy to store if it behind something, since we don’t need to refill our pump and cleaning brush that often.  I stored our extra trash bags behind the shelf helper, since that is where the trash bags are being stored.

Full Shot Under Kitchen Sink

I put in the plastic bag holder next to the cleaning supplies.  The plastic grocery bag holder is such a helpful way to keep things organized.  They make some to hang on the door, but I found that this larger one works well for our family.  I have used the plastic bag holder to hold our trash bags, smaller paper bags, and other items by simply removing the base of the holder.  But just know that once you remove it, it is rather difficult to put back together… I might have learned that the hard way.

Under Kitchen Sink Clean

The space looked amazing, but was missing labels for the bins.  So I went to my Silhouette to cut out some vinyl letters.  I decided to use black vinyl because I didn’t need something super bright in the cabinet.  And the shelf liner was black, so I thought it would fit.  And I was also out of purple, blue, and green, which are the colors of our kitchen plates, so…black it is!

I am just super pumped to have the under kitchen sink organized and decluttered.  I am so happy that I took time to empty the entire cabinet, clean the cabinet, lined the cabinets, and sort the items into piles.  Then, I put only the items that we use in the kitchen, back under the kitchen sink, while the remaining items either went with the other cleaning supplies in our cleaning caddie in the laundry room, or were trash.  I used a disinfectant wipe container to hold our trash bags, and a shelf helper to add more space under the sink.  Finally, I added labels to the bins to make sure everyone knew what was in each container.

Bins Under Kitchen Sink

Hopefully this inspired you to get your under kitchen cabinet organized and decluttered!  Once you get it organized, you will be so happy you did!!  And for more organizing tips and video tutorials, check out the Organizing Studio, where I share my insiders tricks for organizing your home with videos, tutorials, printables, and more!  Happy organizing!!


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