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How To Minimize Kids’ Toys

Two different ways to minimize kids' toys are discussed with step-by-step tutorials on each so you can live with less toys in your home!

There is so much research out there regarding kids and the amount of toys they have. Everything is saying that less is best when it comes to toys! The reason being is that when kids have too much stuff, they get overwhelmed and can’t plan what to do or how to do it. The ability to plan is called “motor planning”. So, by having less toys, you are giving your child the skills to motor plan more effectively. But how do you minimize kids’ toys so they can play with them and you have less stuff in your home!!

I know that is can seem overwhelming when you start to think about minimizing kids’ toys. Well, I have 2 different ways that you can minimize kids’ toys AND keep it that way!!

How To Minimize Kids’ Toys

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Easy Way To Minimize Kids’ Toys

Step One

Download THIS CHECKLIST first. Then watch your kids play over the next couple of days and circle the specific categories of toys they actually play with. Things like cars, trucks, trains, dolls, etc. Really pay attention since this is what will guide you for the next few steps.

Step Two

Grab Post-It Notes and write down each category you circled on the checklist. Then get bins for each one of the categories. This is probably the only time that I suggest buying products before you have minimized anything. But it really makes it easier in the long run.

art supplies and bins in playroom to demonstrate minimal toys

My Favorite Bins:

Step Three

Once you have narrowed down the categories your kiddos play with, it is time to grab all the toys and make a giant pile in one area of your home. Basement, playroom, wherever you are able to spread out and sort toys. Then you sort the toys into the categories you have laid out.

If you have a toy that doesn’t fall into one of those categories, put it in a box or bag to donate or sell. Your kids aren’t playing with it, so it is time for those toys to move onto another home. I know it is harsh, but it really is so important you don’t add more stuff to your home and just keep minimal toys!

Step Four

After all the toys are sorted, it is time to put them away and teach the kids how to find them. Add labels…or better yet, have the kids make labels for each bin! That will help them find what they are looking for because they had a part in organizing and minimizing the toys.

toys in bins and art supplies organized to demonstrate how to minimize kids toys

The Other Way To Minimize Kids’ Toys

I just really couldn’t think of a better descriptor for this second way to minimize the kids’ toys. But this way is if you already have a handle of the toy categories in your home. Like, if you already have your toys grouped into categories but you have too many categories.

Step One

Start by dumping out each bin category and going through the entire category to minimize what is actually there.

Step Two

Just dump the toys the kids don’t play with any more. Make it quick and painless! You know what they like and what they don’t. So why keep a toy they don’t play with??

close up of toys in strip bins and art supplies in turntables

Step Three

Repeat this process until all the kids’ toys are completely minimized! Go bin by bin so you don’t mess up the categories you have already created for the toys.

Step Four

Teach the kids how to keep things organized. I like to walk them through the entire room and ask them to pull out bins. Then I ask them to identify what is in each bin so they can verbally tell me. For younger kids, I may play a game where I pull out a few toys while the kids close their eyes. Then I ask them to open their eyes to show them the toys. I ask them to find where this one toy goes. The child has to find the correct bin for that toy to go into. They will put the toy away and we will pull another toy to do the same thing. This helps the kids get use to the system you created for all the toys! Don’t skip this step!! It is really important so the kids are able to maintain their toys in their new organizational system.

wide shot of toys in playroom organized and minimized so kids can find what they have easily

Whichever way you decide to minimize kids’ toys, just make sure you follow-through!! Stick with one way to lesson the amount of toys your kids have.

how to minimize kids toys overlay with playroom pictures above and below

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