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How to Organize Your Desk

When you're working from home, the question of how to organize your desk gets a little more complicated. I hope you'll find these tips helpful!

When you’re working from home with your kids, the question of how to organize your desk gets a little more complicated. You might be working from home for the first time or sharing a space with family members, and you’re not sure how to set yourself up for success. I hope you’ll find these tips helpful!

Our home desk has three work areas: one for each of my kids and one for me. The key is to create a spot for everything on or in your desk.

Tip: Think about whether you like things out on your desk or hidden out of sight? Let that guide your desk organization.

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How to Organize Your Desk

  • Use magazine holders to organize papers on your desk.

The kids use them to hold homework, and I use them to organize papers. The kids each have one holder for homework to do and one holder for homework that’s done. I also recommend them for clients who don’t want to use a filing system. Each holder can be a different category. I love the fabric ones, but they also have plastic and metal so you can fit your style.

  • Keep all your writing utensils in one location.

This is great because you always need to know where to find your pencils, pens, and scissors. You can either keep them on your desk using a cup or in a drawer with drawer divider. But a quick note and word of caution: Drawer dividers and desk dividers are great but only if you use them.

  • Use project boards to keep your tasks organized.

I need everything out where I can see it–especially my to-do list. So I keep my project board above my desk. I’ve used it before, but it’s been a game-changer for me since the kids have been home. It helps me streamline our lives and my business. Before I created these project boards made of acrylic board, I use poster boards and that worked great too.

If you’re interested in learning more about project boards, you can read a whole blog post about them here.

  • Create an end-of-work-day routine.

You need a routine to close up your work and move on to home life. For us, that means cleaning up our desk space, plugging in our electronics, picking our top 3 for the next day, and close the computer. It helps so much, especially when you’re working from home. I highly recommend this, even if it’s as simple as cleaning off your desk space.

How to Organize Your Desk #deskorganization


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