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Kitchen Label Makeover

Want to relabel your kitchen? Join me for a total kitchen label makeover. I am breaking down different types of labels and how to relabel your kitchen.

Every year I like to do a giant kitchen label makeover. What that means is that I refresh my labels on all my containers, drawers, and cabinets.

Not all of my labels only get refreshed yearly. Some are refreshed weekly. It all depends on what goes inside each container.

So how do I go about keeping track of which labels need the refresh and which get a weekly change?

I am breaking down my entire process for how to do your own kitchen label makeover, along with all the different label options you can pick from while doing your label makeover.

Types Of Labels

There are a lot of labels to choose from. And not just one kind. Like a wide variety of ways in which you can label your kitchen. Not all of these options are going to work for every single area of your kitchen. You may have to pick and chose a few options that work for your things.

I use a variety in our kitchen because not everything needs the same type of label. Some containers get used weekly, while others stay the same.

Wine Pens

My favorite type of label making supplies are wine pens.

Wine pens are pens you use to write on wine glasses. But they work wonders for containers that you need to switch out often.

All our cereal containers have the type of cereal on the top of the container, written in wine pen.

Our snack containers are also written in wine pen.

Each week, I will clean the container and wipe off the wine pen. Then I rewrite what is in the container with the new snacks for the week.

Label Makers

I love using label makers to label all of our drawers.

I print out the label of the category that goes in that drawer or cabinet. Then I add the label to the inside of the drawer or on the shelf of the cabinet.

My reasoning for doing this is so that anyone who puts things away can read what goes into the drawer or cabinet.

If you have many people putting away dishes, using a label maker is the best option for keeping your drawers and cabinets organized.

I have a whole list of my favorite label makers below:

Top 10 Best Label Makers

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are the labels you either cut using a vinyl cutting machine, or purchase to add to your containers.

I typically recommend only using vinyl labels when labeling things that you don’t change out often, like baking supplies. This is because they are more like a sticker and aren’t as easy to swap out.

Our baking supplies all had vinyl labels on the tops of the containers since we store them in a drawer. While I did love the old font, I like the new font I used.

For the labels on my baking supplies, I used my Circut Joy and the removable vinyl to create the labels.

Sticker Labels

Another label option that is similar to the vinyl labels are sticker labels. These are labels you print out on sticker paper and adhere to the container.

I love using sticker labels for clear containers, mason jars, and any other container I would use for vinyl labels.

Sticker labels and vinyl labels are all about personal preference. So if you like one over the other, they both serve the same purpose. I used sticker labels that were waterproof for all our spices.

I also have printable sticker label packs in my shop you can purchase and download on waterproof paper.

How To Do A Kitchen Label Makeover

Step One

Decide what areas you are going to label. I like using Post-It notes to determine which areas I am relabeling.

Write on the Post-It note “label”, and stick it on the outside of the drawer or cabinet. This will give you an idea of what areas you are going to label or relabel.

The Post-It notes work well to act as a visual so you don’t forget to label something.

Step Two

Look at the areas you are going to relabel. Then make a decision about which labeling option will be best for that area.

We order our spices from an online shop. So they come in bags. I picked sticker labels for those jars because I need to decant them before I can put them away. Our snacks change weekly, so using a wine pen works great because it is easy to swap out.

Decide how frequently you change things in the containers. Then you can pick which types of labels you will do with your items.

Step Three

Write on each Post-It note what types of label you are going to use for each container, drawer, or cabinet.

I like doing this because it is a way to plan the most efficient way to label. This works really well because you only have to pull out your vinyl cutter once instead of going drawer-by-drawer.

Step Four

Pick which labeling option you are going to start with by scanning the Post-It notes. Then you can round up all the containers you need for one type of label.

Let’s say you are going to write on containers using the wine pens. Gather all those containers and write on them using the wine pen all at once. This makes the process go quicker, and you aren’t wasting time going from drawer to drawer deciding how you are going to label each container.

Step Five

Continue this process until your entire kitchen is completely labeled.

When you are able to group the labeling together, you are going to get your kitchen relabeled much quicker.

Kitchen drawer open with EasyLiners lining bottom and drawer organizers inside to keep drawers tidy

To do a kitchen label makeover, start by deciding what you are going to label. Select a type of label you are going to use for each cabinet or drawer. Label your drawers and cabinets by doing one type of label at a time. Repeat until everything in your kitchen is labeled!

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