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The Practical Guide To Declutter And Organize Your Home

Learn how to use the free 25-page guide to organize and declutter your home with practical tips, checklists, and guides.

I am a huge fan of all things practical. When things are practical, it takes the guess work out of everything.

But I have found that we tend to overcomplicate organizing and decluttering. We don’t make it practical. We overthink. Searching on Pinterest for “inspiration” can overwhelm even the most organized person. Telling ourselves we are just “messy people” also doesn’t help.

So what are so real-life tips for turning your home into an organized space you can actually keep tidy?

I created a free guide that covers everything you need to take action and start decluttering your things.

Practical Guide To Declutter And Organize Your Home

When it comes to organizing and decluttering the practical way, you have to start with decluttering your mental clutter.

Now what is mental clutter?

Mental clutter includes everything that is going on inside your head. All those thoughts, ideas, dates, reminders, and emotions that are piling up inside of you are considered mental clutter.

To declutter those thoughts, I have created some tried-and-true questions to help clear that mental clutter. Which is why I included it in the guide. You have to start with your headspace.

Then we have to get clear on what “organized” looks like to you. Not everyone’s definition of organized is the same. So you need to get crystal clear on why that is important to you.

Why is this so important?

When you are crystal clear on your goal, you will be able to feel accomplished and completed. When we don’t have an end-goal in mind, we never really feel done. So getting clear on what “organized” looks like in your home is the key to actually organizing your space.

There are also tons of declutter questions and checklists that will keep you focused as you declutter and organize. Since I am a visual person, I need the checklists to keep me on track. Then I can just check the box and move onto the next task. Included in the free guide, you get access to tons of declutter checklists to help keep you focused!

Practical Guide {PDF Guidebook To Print}

Here is how you can grab this free guidebook to print. Simply click on the image below, which will ask you for your email. After you put in your email, you will get a confirmation email with the link to download the PDF. Click the link to download the PDF. Print the guidebook as you normally would.

Practical Guide To Declutter And Organize Your Home (Free Guide)

practical guide to orgnaizing and decluttering your home flatlay

Practical Guide {PDF Guidebook To Download}

While I always love paper-and-pencil writing, sometimes we just want digital files to keep on our devices.

To download and store on your device, click the image. You will go to a page where you will put in your email. A confirmation email will be sent to you, which includes the link. Click the link to download the PDF guide. Using your browser, click to save the guide to your device. I save mine to iBooks since I use an iPhone. You can also save to Dropbox or Google Drive as well, along with any other e-reader you prefer.

Practical Guide To Declutter And Organize Your Home (Free Guide)

practical guide to declutter and organize your home

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