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How To Get Lamination On Paper Without A Machine

Don't have a laminating machine? Try this hack for getting lamination on paper without the machine. It is the perfect alternative.

I love laminating paper. I think it is an easy way to make checklists for the kids and myself. Because you can make one checklist and use dry erase markers to reuse that checklist every day. Now you may not have a laminating machine. So I am sharing how you can get lamination on paper without a machine!

How To Get Lamination On Paper Without A Machine

I have partnered with The Duck Brand to give you the step-by-step tutorial for using lamination on paper without the machine. The reason this works so well is because you can get the same lamination using clear laminate!

Using the clear laminate is perfect for covering books, folders, notebooks, checklists, printables, and more. You can also use the clear laminate as transfer paper for your vinyl labels.

When I laminate notebook covers, I have the kids decorate paper. Then we lay them out on the notebook. I will cover the notebook with the decorations in the clear laminate. Now they have a personalized notebook!

To use the clear laminate, I will be walking you through the steps.


Step One For Getting Lamination On Paper

Lay out the clear laminate. We are going to measure the paper you want to laminate. Use the lines on the lamination paper as your guide.

easyliner with checklist

Step Two

Cut off the desired amount of lamination paper. I recommend cutting off more so you can make sure that the paper is completely covered. 

Then you are going to cut another piece of laminate for the backside of the paper.

Step Three

Roll the lamination paper the opposite way it was rolled on the roll. I like doing this so that the lamination paper lays flat. 

Step Four

Peel off the lamination paper and lay the sticky side up. Place your paper on the sticky side of the lamination paper. Smooth the paper on the lamination paper.

Step Five For Getting Lamination On Paper

Peel off the other piece of lamination paper. Lay the second piece of lamination paper over the other piece of lamination paper. This is where you have to be careful as you lay the second piece down so you don’t get any bumps. Smooth the top part down then gradually lay the lamination paper on top.

Step Six

Cut off around the paper you are laminating. I like leaving a small edge around the paper and the laminate so the kids don’t pull it off. Which I learned my lesson for leaving an edge back when I was teaching. I would cut right to the edge of the paper and within a few days the laminated paper was peeling. Because the kids would pick it. So make sure you have a little bit of laminate around the paper so they don’t pull it off. 

how to laminate using easyliner from duck brand

More Tips For Getting Lamination on Paper

After you have covered the paper with lamination paper, you can test out different white board, dry erase, or wet markers to see what works. I have found that some markers work better on the lamination paper than others, so test on the backside before you use on the front side!

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