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How To Organize Your Entire House With Lazy Susan Turntables

Learn how to use lazy Susan turntables to organize any area of your home from professional organizer, The Organized Mama in this video series.

Turntables, Lazy Susan’s, or revolving tray. However you call it, these babies are an organizer’s hidden secret. They make organizing any space easy because nothing gets left behind! There are many types of Lazy Susan turntables and they are used for many different purposes to help you get organized. There are giant turntables that I love using for under sinks. Lazy Susan turntables with lips that are great for holding jars or spices. Then there are the divided turntables that I love using for granola bars and art supplies. And there are decorative turntables that I love using on the counter for frequently used products.

Learn how to use all the different types of lazy Susan turntables for different areas of you home to keep everything easily accessible and totally organized!

Professional organizer shopping in the kitchen aisle at The Container Store for lazy Susan turntables #organized

How To Organize Your Entire House With Lazy Susan Turntables

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It is really easy to use lazy Susan turntables in bathrooms. They are perfect for under the sink. You can store hair products in a divided turntable. Use large lazy Susan’s for storing bottles. I also love using turntables with tall lips for storing my hair dryer, flat iron, and other hair gadgets.

turntable with bathroom supplies include hair sprays and hair dryer #bathroomorganization


Using lazy Susan turntables in the kitchen is really helpful for those corner cabinets, deep drawers, fridges, and under the kitchen sinks.

I use a small turntable in deeper fridges to store condiments. Larger turntables work well under the kitchen sink if the pipes don’t interfere with the spinning. If the pipes are in the way, a small lazy Susan can work as well for storing cleaning supplies.

Corner cabinets and lazy Susan turntables are totally a game-changer. We use them in client homes for spices, oils, and baking products!

Storing items that are used daily out on the counter on a decorative lazy Susan is perfect for those smaller spaces. Keep it near the stove top with your cooking utensils for a cute decor piece that is totally functional!

under kitchen sink turntable with cleaning supplies and dishwasher detergent #kitchenorganization


Art room organization with turntables is perfect because the kids don’t have to argue over who has marker holder because they can just spin the turntable to get the markers! You can use the divided turntable to store the markers and add a cute label.

lazy susan kids utensils cups

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For more pro tips on how to use turntables, head over to my YouTube channel and watch how myself, along with Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect use turntables for organizing!

overlay how to shop the container store like a pro with turntables for bathroom and undersink #organized #shoplikeapro

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