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How To Change Your Mindset About Organizing Your Home

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative mood, everything around you instantly annoys you? You can find the flaws in every little thing. Your home, your clothing, your hair. But when you are in a good mood, everything around you is positive or you can easily find a solution to a…

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative mood, everything around you instantly annoys you? You can find the flaws in every little thing. Your home, your clothing, your hair. But when you are in a good mood, everything around you is positive or you can easily find a solution to a problem. Like, even if you aren’t totally happy with how your home is set up, you are more likely to figure out a way to fix that problem, rather than stew on it. Well, your mood and your mindset go hand-in-hand. When your mindset is focusing on the negative, your mood can be crabby, annoyed, or short-tempered, according to Harvard Health.

Now you may be asking what does this have to do with organizing. Because, let’s face it, this is a blog about organizing tips, tricks, and tutorials. Well, your mindset on any topic effects how you tackle said project. For example, if you are annoyed by the amount of clutter you have in your home, you may have a negative mindset about your abilities on  yourself as an organized person. This then plays into the fact that you aren’t following through on your organizing tasks because you “believe” that you are disorganized. It can be a vicious cycle as the clutter can cause anxiety which then effects your mindset which then stops you from completing the task to declutter.

So what are some ways you can change your mindset, especially when it comes to organizing your home? I created a FREE mindset guide book that will walk you through the entire process for eliminating those negative thoughts and creating new and positive ones. The video below will walk you through the entire guide book and help get you started with changing your beliefs about yourself and your organizational abilities. I also have resources to help you get started, my favorite positive mindset accounts, and other resources you may enjoy!

How To Change Your Mindset About Organizing Your Home

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Where To Start

I feel like there are two times when organizing a home that clients struggle with. The first is where to start, and the second is what to do with items I am unsure about. I will be chatting more about the second in another video. For this, I want to focus on where to start. Because once you get going, you can easily move through things quickly!

When starting any organizing project, you first have to set the expectation for yourself with what you want to accomplish. This means saying that you will spend a little bit of time tidying an area, or you will get your entire kitchen organized so you can find things, or you want to declutter extra items you have lying around your home. Be specific so you know what you want to accomplish. Just saying, I want to organize my home is rather vague and can be overwhelming once you get started. So be specific with the tasks you want to focus on. What is bothering you about your home right now?

I suggest downloading the FREE mindset guide book to help you. In the guide book, there is a part that guides you through setting your expectations for getting started.

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Favorite Mindset Accounts

In the mindset guide book, I share how I have changed my mindset on organizing and tasks I may not totally enjoy. And that is through affirmations and daily positive inspirations I get via email and on Instagram and Facebook. Yes, there are accounts out there that have daily affirmations I read every day. This helps switch my mindset from focusing on the negative to focusing on the positive. This doesn’t mean that I don’t do hard things, it just means I attempt to do these things with a positive mindset rather than a “I have to do this and it sucks” mindset.

I want you to write down a few of your own affirmations in the guide book. But if you are stuck, these accounts are my favorite and will help you get some ideas for where to start.

Notes From The Universe: I get these sent directly to my inbox every morning. It is the first thing I do to start my day. I wake up and read my Note from the Universe for that day. It just sets up my day to focus on the positive! You can sign up for those emails here.

Mindset Of Greatness: This is an Instagram account I have followed for while now and love the daily affirmations that are shared. I try to say them out loud for myself every day. And I love seeing them in my feed.

Action For Happiness: I have been following this account on Facebook and Instagram for a few years. I love the colorful graphics and positive quotes they share daily.

Other Accounts I Love:

Law of Attraction Live

Moon Omens

Tiny Buddha

Law of Attraction 1111

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Resources You May Enjoy

There are also so many resources out there to help guide you to an organized home. Every day on Instagram, I share tons of organizing tidbits, plus every Monday I have a new series called Mindset Mondays where I share ways to help you change your mindset on yourself and organizing! You can follow along here!!

On Pinterest, I find content that is sure to inspire and guide you in your organizing journey. Not only do I share my tips, but I share tips from other bloggers and professional organizers that I trust! You can follow along here.

And I am also in the process of creating a master class just for you! This master class has been months in the making based on all your feedback regarding ways that I can support you organizing your home with kids. The Tidy Home With Kids Framework was inspired by the countless clients and followers who have requested information on this very topic. I collected all the questions, advice, and tips into an 8-week master class that will help you and your kids get organized! Yes, this is a class designed for you and your child to go through together. There are sections for just you and sections for just the kids and sections for you to do together. As a former teacher, I was able to pull upon my teaching skills which will walk you through my framework for organizing your home.

The master class is going to start in February 2020, so if you want to get on the wait list to find out more, sign up below!!

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