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How To Declutter Your Home Like a Professional

Want to get organized and declutter your home like a professional organizer? These tips and a free checklist will help you tackle any room in your home!

Unless you truly like to declutter, it’s typically a pretty overwhelming process for most. But when you have too much stuff, what can you do to actually declutter all the things?

I am breaking down all my tips for how to declutter your home like a professional, room by room, with a FREE checklist you can use for every project!

Plus, I share all the steps I go through to organize my in-home and virtual clients!

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Start Where You Sleep

Closets, drawers, and toys.. oh my! There is a lot to tackle in bedrooms, which is why these tips are rather specific for each type of bedroom in your home!

I always recommend starting with your bedroom when decluttering. Because when your bedroom is clutter-free you get a better nights’ sleep which leads to more patience and more active decision-making abilities.

Start by removing all the things that do no belong in your bedroom, so you are only keeping the items that you need in your bedroom. Place the other items in the areas you plan to store them. But don’t worry about putting those things away. Focus on one area at a time.

Then put all the items you want to keep in spots in your bedroom you know you can keep tidy.

These posts go more into depth on specific processes I use for decluttering bedrooms:

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closet with rainbow color coded clothing hanging

Move To Closets

After your bedroom is decluttered, move to your closets and dresser drawers. Clothing is easy to declutter because you can visually see if something fits you or if it doesn’t. 

Start by taking all your clothing out. Either all the dresser drawer clothing or entire closet or parts of closet. Find a way that won’t overwhelm you.

Then put back the clothing pieces you wear frequently. These are easy to pick out of the pile because you know what you wear every day.

The remaining items are what you have to decide to keep or sell/donate. 

If you are unsure, try on the piece of clothing. I recommend making outfits so you know how to wear the clothing if it does go back in your closet. 

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girls bedroom decor

Tackle The Kids’ Rooms

Kids’ bedrooms should be the next area you declutter. Focus on only keeping certain types of things in the bedroom. For us, we only keep Lego creations and dolls in the kids’ bedrooms.

Because of that, the toy clutter doesn’t pile up. 

We also created effective ways to store their clothing that they can keep up with on their own.

I use a lot of drawers for their clothing. We declutter things that don’t fit by keeping a bag in the closet they can throw clothing into they no longer like or fit into. This way I don’t have to do a massive declutter of the clothing. They can do it themselves.

Get the kids involved in helping keep their rooms tidy. Let them take the wheel on some of their organizing ideas. If they are the ones who suggest it, they are more likely to keep up with keeping the space tidy!

I have more ways to create order in kids bedrooms below:

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the organized mama in her modern farmhouse kitchen

The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house for most families. Keeping things organized here can help with quick meal prep!

Make sure you keep all cooking supplies located in areas where they are frequently used. Keep as little on the counter as you can. And give everything a home!

To declutter quickly, remove everything from each drawer and cabinet. If that is too overwhelming, then remove items from drawers and cabinets that you find cluttered. Put back items you use frequently. The remaining items can either be stored somewhere else or can be donated/sold. 

I have a helpful post on how to declutter quickly with the extensive process + video you can read or watch!

I love using Post-It notes to write down what types of things should go in each drawer and cabinet. So make sure you label them while you are putting things back. It will help you declutter unwanted things quicker because you can see types of items that should be stored in certain places.

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fridge organization with turntables and glass tupperware

Can’t Forget About The Fridge And Freezer

In addition to the kitchen is the fridge and freezer! These areas of your home should be decluttered frequently.

I like to do a declutter after every grocery store run. I will do a quick scan of items in the fridge and freezer. Then I will remove things that are old, expired, or moldy. As I put items back into the fridge and freezer, I will tidy up the space so it is organized for the week!

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pantry shelves with jars of flours

Pantry Organization

Being able to find everything in your pantry can actually help keep your food costs down! Not only are you saving money because you aren’t buy excess, but you are more likely to use up everything you have and creating less waste!

To organize a pantry, you have to remove everything. There is no easy way around this one. So take everything out. 

Then label each shelf with a specific type of food category, like you would find at the grocery store. Then put the food back on the shelf of each category. 

Sometimes you have to group categories together because of space. So make sure you take time to group like items together, along with checking expiration dates!

As you put the items back, make sure you create a plan for what to do when you get new things. 

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grey couch with cushions to demonstrate how to keep house clean

Shared Spaces Need Decluttering Too

Shared spaces are those areas that everyone uses. They can be the living room, family room, sun room, or basement.

So keeping these spaces organized is an important task since everyone uses them.

Start the declutter process by removing anything that doesn’t belong. Then take action to make the space feel cozy. Hang up pictures. Swap out decor pieces. Replace items that you no longer enjoy.

Put in the effort with these spaces so they feel more like home. Since everyone uses these spaces, you want to ensure that they are welcoming to the entire family.

I have some easy tips to keeping the shared spaces organized the entire family can follow:

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under sink expandable shelves with turntable and drawer organizers to keep things tidy

Tidying Up Bathrooms

Bathroom organization can be tricky, depending on how much you need to store in your space. 

I would suggest deciding on what the purpose of the bathroom is. Some bathrooms serve as your place to get ready in the morning. Others are just for using the washroom. 

So store items that must be stored in the bathroom for that purpose. The remaining items can be stored elsewhere. Unless you have ample room to store extra items. 

With smaller bathrooms, you will have to go through and declutter more frequently. This way you are sure to have space for new items that come into the bathroom.

I also suggest keeping linen closets tidy. You can store overflow items in your linen closet, along with extra supplies that don’t fit in your bathrooms.

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lego creations with color-coded Lego bricks on ikea kallax shelving

Toy Clutter

The most important thing to remember when it comes to limiting toy clutter, is to constantly sift through toys and get rid of the ones your kids don’t play with anymore. Even if it’s one or two at a time. It really does add up quickly!

Start by taking note of what the kids actually play with. Then remove the items they don’t 

Have the kids get involved in the process. Dump out a bin and have the kids put back their favorites. Collect the remaining items. Store them in a safe place, away from the kids. Set a reminder on your phone for 1 month from that day. When the reminder goes off, you can feel confident to declutter the items that were stored in the safe place. 

And if a kiddo asks for a toy that is in the safe place? You can secretly go pull it out, knowing that they do love that toy. 

More toy decluttering tips are below:

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Professional Organizer shares tips on how to utilize space to create garage bike storage that won't break the bank. Plus ideas for bike supply organization. #garageorganization #bikestorage

Garage Declutter

Garage spaces are used for so many purposes. I have organizing friends who have clients that use their garage as another room of their house. While I have others that have turned their garage into workout spaces or building workshops. 

Here in the Midwest, we like to park our cars in the garage during the winter months.

So to keep the garage organized, you want to give everything a specific spot. Use different organizations products to keep things off the ground. And keep things in air-tight bins.

Collect all the items in the middle of the garage. Then sort the items into categories. 

Once in categories, it will be easy to store based on how you grouped the items.

Use shelving, bins, and hooks to get as much off the garage floor as possible. This will help from clutter being piled up.

For more tips to declutter your garage, these posts below will guide you through:

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view of desk that was DIY made with 4 filing cabinets and 3 desk tops

Office Spaces

Do you have an office space in your home? We have two…one for me and the kids and one for my husband.

So keeping the office organized is critical for us using the space as best we can.

Start by decluttering everything that does not belong in the office. 

Then group your items together based on how you use them. Store items you need daily closest to your workspace. Items you don’t need frequently, like tape and staple refills can be stored in another drawer or cabinet in your office. 

If you don’t have space for papers, try using a desktop filing box or going paperless. 

Make sure you clear off your computer desktop too. Digital clutter can pile up, making it difficult to find what we need on our computers.

For more specific decluttering tips for office spaces, these blog posts go into detail:

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sentimental items lying on floor

Leftover Items

Now I am sure you have leftover items after you did a giant declutter. So what do you do with those items?

You have to decide if those items are worth saving. Some may be sentimental items. Some may be junk. 

You have to go through each item to decide if it is worth saving. Remember, money was already spent on those items. So saving them isn’t bringing you the money back. 

These blog posts below can help you decide what to do with your leftover things and how to donate, sell, or store them:

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When it comes to decluttering your home, it can seem rather overwhelming! But professional organizer, The Organized Mama, shares her tips to make it less stressful to declutter your stuff! #declutter #organize

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  3. Do you have any tips on the basement ? Where everything gets stored and half the time forgotten and when you have an extra fridge down there too ?

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