DIY chalkboard on moody dark green walls with black lighting and dining table to create a modern farmhouse vibe. #kitchendecor #modernfarmhouse #DIY
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How To Transform Your Kitchen Into A Dark, Moody Room

We took a boring kitchen and turned in into a dark, moody space by going with a dark green paint on the walls to contrast the bright, white cabinets.

I am all about huge color contrasts throughout our home. Our living room is high contrast with the white brick fireplace we painted and the deep purple accent walls. All our doors are painted in a deep black with white trim. But when it came to our kitchen, we just didn’t really pick a color that popped.

DIY chalkboard on moody dark green walls with black lighting and dining table to create a modern farmhouse vibe. #kitchendecor #modernfarmhouse #DIY

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The Backstory

Let me back up here. Two years ago, we completely redid our kitchen and dining room. Like transformed the entire tiny kitchen and awkward dining area into a massive room. We aren’t formal people, so we didn’t need a formal dining room. Plus, that was useful space to expand our kitchen to create something that would work for us.

After everything was done, we couldn’t decide on a paint color. So we went with a really, really, really, really light blue. Almost white. Which matched our cabinets, molding, and chairs in our space. Now, the entire room felt rather unfinished. We couldn’t put our finger on why, but it just didn’t feel complete.

We added a giant chalkboard to the large wall behind the table, which helped. But it still didn’t scream finished yet.

Wooden open shelving against a dark green wall in a kitchen as a coffee station. #kitchendecor #modernfarmhousedecor

Going For Bold

After a year of living with the light wall color, we decided it was time for a change. We start talking about going dark and moody with our color choices. We were only sticking to neutrals, whites, and greys when we were looking at paint samples. Why weren’t we going with our tried and true bold contrast in the space? It made no sense, so we decided to try out some bolder colors for the space.

After scouring the Sherwin Williams website for dark, moody colors that would go with a dark brown/grey, we decided to try three colors. All of which I absolutely adore!

We landed on Dard Hunter Green. I knew it would be a bold choice, but so was every other color in our house, so why not?!?!

Favorite Painting Products

Dard Hunter Green in Emerald Interior Paint

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Purdy Ultra Finish Roller Cover

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Farmer's Market Sign against moody green walls and boxed planters with faux succulent plants inside. #farmhousedecor #modernfarmhouse #kitchen

All The Paint

After taping up everything, we my husband got to painting. Once that green hit the boring walls, I knew it was the right choice! The Sherwin Williams paint we used is a premium paint and primer in one, which is a great option when you are going for such a bold color. The emerald interior paint is a stain-blocking technology, making it the perfect choice for kitchens!

My husband did all the trim work first. Then he used a roller with a 1/4″ nap to cover the remaining walls. Since it is such a bold color, we did 3 coats to ensure its richness.

Kitching and dining room in dark, moody green color against dark moody purple color of living room. Dark kitchen space creates a cozy feel. #kitchendecor #modernfarmhousedecor

Once we got all the stuff back up on the walls, I thought I would have to rearrange everything since I had so many green accents. Well, I only had to move one sign. That was it! It is amazing when you find a color that fits your home and everything just ends up working!

Since we have bold colors everywhere, this color allows the space to feel dark, moody, yet cozy! I want people to feel cozy when they walk into our home. Dard Hunter Green totally brought that coziness to our space.

Dining room set against moody green kitchen walls dark paint color, black lighting, and DIY chalkboard. #modernfarmhouse #farmhousedecor #kitchen

Refreshing Systems

And, since our kitchen walls got a refresh, I decided to do some refresh organizing as well. I started by reorganizing our cooking utensil drawer and spice drawer. For this refresh, I cleared out all the cooking utensils and regrouped them. I have one section for meat, one for grill, one for zest, one for chop, one for peel, and one for wine. Keeping the categories quirky works for my family! I also swapped out our spices for matching jars and labels. This just helps since my husband buys a lot of specialty spices, so they can all stay contained in a jar instead of bags and jars.

Dining area in open concept kitchen with dark hunter green paint against grey cabinets and wooden accents #kitchendecor #diningroom #darkpaint

I also swapped out our knife block for a knife holder that looks like a jar. And I got the matching spoon holder to sit next to it. I found a tiered tray to hold our cooking items like oil spray, salt, pepper, garlic, and other spices we use daily.

Open shelves made of dark wood against a moody dark green wall along with white countertops and grey cabinets. #ktichen #coffeestation

All these small changes really elevated the feel of our kitchen. I am beyond happy with how it turned out. It really does make the entire space feel like the room fits with the rest of our home.

Learn how to transform your space into a moody, dark yet still cozy space like this modern farmhouse kitchen with dard hunter green paint from sherwin williams #darkkitchen #greenpaint #modernfarmhousekitchen

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