The kids’ bathroom sink is just one long cabinet with no shelves or dividers anywhere. So things can stack up and create a mess rather quickly. So I am sharing my 5 secrets to the bathroom under sink storage that will work in basically any bathroom!

5 Secrets To Bathroom Under Sink Storage

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Secret #1: Line Under Bathroom Sink

This is a huge secret that I always share, so maybe it’s not a secret?!?! But I always recommend lining under the bathroom sinks because it helps prevent excess water from hiding if you have a leaky faucet or bath toys dripping. 

I use Clorox Easy Liner because it really is mildew and mold resistant so things can be kept nice and clean. You can read more about how I do that here.

Secret #2: Divide The Space

The next secret for creating bathroom under sink storage is to divide up the space. Even if you aren’t building anything, still divide the space to keep specific products separate or give them a designated zone. 

For our kids’ bathroom, the far left side of the cabinet is where we are holding the hair clippers, trimmers, and razors in a Linus pantry bin. Since we can stack those bins they are perfect for dividing up the space. The middle cabinets are for the soaps and bath toys. The far-right cabinet is for hair products.

Group the products together then you can divide up the space into zones based on the categories you have.


Secret #3: Make Shelving

Another way to get some under sink storage is to actually make shelves. But with the pipes, it can be tricky. So I used the expandable shelf organizer. This organizer is the best thing I have found for creating sturdy shelves that can be built around the pipes. In the video, I demonstrate how easy it is to put together around the pipes. You just turn the screw!

under sink expandable shelves with turntable and drawer organizers to keep things tidy

Secret #4: Use Things That Stack

Another secret is to create height in cabinets that don’t have shelves by using stackable items. For the hair accessories, we used pantry bins. They are both see-through and easy to use. Make sure you measure the opening of your cabinet when using stackable pantry bins. I had to get the smaller bins because the opening of our cabinet door wasn’t as large. This way, if we need to take a bin off, we don’t have to move things around in the cabinet, we can just pull it through the door.

stackable pantry bins with hair products to organize under bathroom sink

Secret #5: Turntables Work

I also think that another easy secret to bathroom under sink storage is to use turntables. These turntables are easy to add to any space because you will never lose things in the back of a cabinet. I used the divided turntables for the kids’ bathroom because we have extra hair products and dog products in the same turntable. So by dividing the turntable I can quickly see what belongs to the dog and what belongs to the kids!

Bonus Secret: My Favorites For Bathroom Under Sink Storage

Now not every bathroom is the same and not every space is the same, I have rounded up some of my favorite storage options for you to see what fits in your bathroom. Always start by decluttering your items and grouping them by category or type of item. Then find products that work with your stuff, instead of you trying to cram all the things into a tiny bin!

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