When we remodeled our kitchen, I was so excited to get a large refrigerator. Our old fridge was a really small side by side that wasn’t really able to hold a lot. So we had to get a second fridge for the basement to store more things in the fridge and freezer. Well, fast forward to 4 years after the remodel that I have come to the conclusion that side by side refrigerators are just too small…no matter how big they claim to be. But I do love the side by side because things don’t get lost in the drawers. So what is the best way to organize a side by side refrigerator? Well, I have some tips that will totally help you get yours organized, because they sure helped me get mine organized!

Best Way To Organize A Side By Side Refrigerator Like A Professional

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Where To Start

If you haven’t done a deep clean of your refrigerator, then I recommend starting there. Take everything out and wipe down the fridge and freezer really well. Plus it will help you get things into place so you can maintain order in the fridge. I recommend keeping like items together. So storing all condiments together, produce together, meats together. This will help you see what you have instead of hunting for items stored all over your fridge.

I have found that produce stays best in the drawers. So those are things like fruits and veggies. I also like to group condiments together since you use them together. Having a space for food prep is another easy way to keep your fridge tidy. And keeping a shelf specifically for left overs! That will help your eye go directly to that spot when looking for food.

Storing dairy items in a drawer can also help them stay fresh and contained! But don’t have enough drawers for that? I have some products you will love to give you more drawer space!

inside fridge with bins

Favorite Products

Ok so one of my favorite products is the iDesign x The Home Edit divided fridge drawers. These drawers are the perfect addition to any refrigerator. Since they are stackable, you can easily add an additional drawer to your fridge. Plus the divider is removable so you can add more than one type of item in the drawer! 

Another favorite product to use to help organize a side by side refrigerator is the pantry bins from iDesign. These bins fit perfect in my side by side fridge because they aren’t as deep as the fridge and freezer bins. I recommend using the freezer bins for the drawer freezers because they are perfect for that size freezer! In addition to the pantry bins, I also love the large divided bins. These have lids so they can be stackable and the divider is great for holding smaller items for food prep!

Finally I love the egg holder because it can hold 15 eggs in the holders then 23 if you stack the eggs with the lid on. When I refill the holder, I have yet to run out of room!!

grabbing items inside side by side refrigerator

Keeping It Tidy

Ok so we chatted about how to organize your side by side refrigerator by grouping items together based on how you use them or by category. Then we chatted about some of my favorite products. But how do you keep things tidy? Well, you can start by weekly cleaning out your fridge. No, I don’t mean emptying all the items again. I simply mean doing a quick swipe through and removing food that is bad, old, or no good. As you are clearing those out, then you can straighten up your bins and check to see what items need to be replaced. This should limit food waste because you are constantly checking your food. It may seem intense, but once you get in the habit of doing these things, you will quickly find that it helps you limit the extra stuff that can easily pile up in the fridge!

how to organize a side by side refrigerator