It always feels so refreshing when I have my fridge organized. I feel like I am more likely to cook. And that everyone can find fruits and veggies to snack on, instead of all those crackers! So now is the perfect time for fridge organization hacks that I use in my own fridge, along with organizing my clients’ fridges!

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6 Steps For Fridge Organization With Kids

Clean Fridge

This is the first step when it comes to setting up your fridge. I try to do a big scrub down every few months, but I do wipe down the gross drawers or shelves once a week.

I use an All-Purpose Cleaner from Grove Collaborative. You can sign up for an account to get natural cleaning products send directly to your door!! They carry all sorts of amazing brands like Mrs. Meyer’s and Seventh Generation!!

Line With Coasters

Once your fridge is cleaned, I recommend lining your fridge with coasters. I love these coasters from Fridge Coaster. They help keep my bins and shelves cleaner longer.

They even have sizes for different types of fridges, so you can ensure that you are getting the best size for your fridge.

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Zone Off Shelves/Bins

The next step for fridge organization is to zone off your shelves and bins to hold specific types of food. Look at your fridge manual (or Google your fridge model) to see what they recommend for food in the drawers.

Our fridge recommends that you keep vegetables in the drawers, along with most fruits. So I put all our fruits in one bin; all our vegetables in another bin; all our breads are on a shelf, along with left overs, drinks, and dairy items.

fridge coaster turntable dairy fridge organization

Use Turntable

If you have a deep fridge, a turntable could come in really useful for fridge organization. I typically put condiments on the turntable that either don’t fit on the door, or that need to be kept in the fridge, like dairy products.

Keep Things Contained

Since I have a deep fridge, I also use InterDesign containers to hold things like apples, oranges, and other items that need to be contained.

As for Tupperware, I use glass ones. I also write on them using a Wine Pen! This helps keep the date and item inside organized.


The last step for fridge organization is to label everything. I used vinyl labels on all my drawers and door shelves. This helps all the family members remember where to put things once they are finished. Plus it helps me when I am quickly putting food away after a trip to the grocery store!

6 Steps For Fridge Organization With Kids

When it comes to fridge organization, follow these 6 steps! Start by cleaning your fridge. Then adding a coaster to the drawers, shelves and doors. Zone off areas in the fridge for types of food. Use a turntable for storing condiments. Keep things contained with fridge bins. And don’t forget to label!

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