The beginning of the school year really caught me off-guard. We ended up living out of our car with all the driving I ended up doing. This quickly became a problem as I wasn’t prepared for all the things I would need in the car; let alone effective and simple ways to keep up with any car organization system.

So I spent one weekend organizing the car and created 10 simple ways you can get your car organized based on all the things I have done to get my car organized. Because, let’s face it, so much of our life in the afternoons ends up being in the car. I wanted to make sure that I had all my essentials…including my Nice “N Clean Antibacterial Hand Wipes.

10 Simple Ways To Achieve Car Organization When You Are On The Go


First thing I needed to include in my car was hand wipes for the kids. By keeping wipes in the car, I am able to keep things a little more streamlined and organized. As soon as I pick the kids up from school they are asking for snacks. So I just throw the wipes at them to wash their hands before eating. Nice ‘N Clean Antibacterial Wipes kills 99.99% of germs and are made with 100% plant-based fibers so they are eco-friendly! Once they use the Nice ‘N Clean wipes, I know they are as germ free as a kid can be.

Plus, Nice ‘N Clean wipes are proven to remove 99.9% of peanut residue from hard surfaces. That makes these wipes my favorite option to stock in my car. I can easily grab a pack to pull out when we are at the park, play date, or just driving around.

Store the wipes everywhere in your car. Keep some in the back where you store extra supplies, like a change of clothes for each kid. Also keep wipes in the front so you can quickly grab and go.


Since my kids become ravage animals once I pick them up from school, I need to make sure that our car is stocked with good food I can quickly give them after they wipe their hands. I keep a car organizer either in the trunk or our front seat that is filled with the kids favorite after-school snacks.

By having a snack caddie in the car, I know I will never have to hear the dreaded “I’m hungry” while driving. I also keep a bag for garbage in the front seat. This helps with collecting all the garbage from the snack wrappers.

Glove Box

I don’t recommend storing a ton in your glove box because you will want to keep your car documents in the glove box. Try to keep them together in a folder they came in. Also keep a phone charger, air tire pump, and tiny scrapper in the glove box, just in case. You can also store extra Nice ‘N Clean wipes in the glove box for those sticky finger moments when you just need to grab and wipe!

Middle Console

In the winter months, I like to keep extra gloves and hats in our middle console. This way my car will always be prepared in case a kiddo forgets something. In the summer, I try to store extra sun screen and bug spray. We always forget it so it is nice to have some extra in the car.

I also try to keep extra wipes, a pen, hair ties, Chapstick, a nail file, and Kleenex in the middle console. When storing things in your middle console, try to gather items you use or notice you need but are never in your car.


I really try not to store much in the trunk. Sometimes we have to store our snack station in the trunk. But I would recommend storing all your reusable bags in the trunk of the car. Then when you go to the grocery, you can just grab them from the trunk and run in!

I also use to keep a traveling make-up bag in the trunk of my car when the kids were babies. In the make-up bag, I would store extra clothes, extra diapers, extra wipes, extra burp rags, and any other extra item I may need. I hung the make-up bag in the trunk so I could easily find it and grab things when I needed them.


Keeping jackets off the floor of a car can be super helpful during the winter months. I added hangers to the backs of each seat so the kids could hang their jackets so they were not hanging on the floor. Since both my kids are still in car seats, it is recommended that they do not wear anything poofy in their car seats. I found a double-sided binder clip is the perfect option.

In Between Car Seats

My kids love to read while we are driving, so I added a car organizer to the middle of their car seats. Inside the organizer I have Highlights and Ranger Rick magazines. The kids love reading and it gives them something to do if we are waiting for a while. I make sure that all the magazines can fit inside the organizer to help keep the car tidy. I shared more on how to organize car seats here.

Seat Backs

Some cars have nice pockets for containing things like magazines or books. I would totally use those seat back pockets to keep my car organized. Make sure the items you want to store can easily be reached by the kids before you plan to store things in them. If the kids cannot reach, then store things like umbrellas.

Wet Bags

For long road trips or busy afternoons, I use wet bags and attach them to the back of the seat in front of each car seat. Inside each wet bag I will add things like markers, crayons, notepads, snacks, and wipes. It is an easy way to add something interesting for the kids when we are making many stops in the afternoon. Plus it can act as double duty if a kid gets too wet at the water park or has an accident.


Finally, keeping your purse organized can be crucial for car organization. I try to keep only the essentials in my purse. Things like my wallet, keys, Nice ‘N Clean wipes, chapstick and a nail file. If my purse is organized, I can find something if I ran out of it in the car.

So when it comes to car organization when you are on the go, my number one rule is be prepared! Stock up on wipes, like the Nice ‘N Clean Antibacterial Wipes, so you can easily wash your hands without the sink. Have snacks in the car and store them in a car organizer. You can grab Nice ‘N Clean wipes at your local CVS store and purchase a family value pack to keep your car stocked and ready to go! Store important items in the middle console and car documents in the glove box. Keep extra supplies in the trunk, along with reusable bags. Use hooks to hang up jackets and a car organizer to hold magazines and toys between car seats. Store grab and go items in a wet bag, like markers for longer car rides. Make sure your purse is organized by keeping essential items inside your purse.

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