Magazine holders are one of my favorite organizing tools. They are the best for corralling papers…but not just “grown up papers”. They are amazing for helping kids get organized by keeping their drawing papers, coloring books, and construction paper tidy.

6 Effortless Ways To Use Magazine Holders For Anything But Magazines

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File Cabinet Alternative

To get the office organized, try using magazine holders for storing papers on your desk or shelving unit. It is a great alternative to a traditional filing system. Give each magazine holder a category. I suggest using more general categories such as “health” or “school”. You can also give each member of the family their own magazine holder.

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Kids Paper

For kids’ papers, I like the Poppin magazine holders. Since they don’t have an end, you can store longer paper without things getting crumply. But, because there is no end, papers can fall out if there isn’t a system. If you need the end, I like the Like-It Magazine Holders. They are narrow so you can’t overcrowd the holder.

To organize all the papers the kids have, start by sorting the papers into piles. For us, I noticed my kids weren’t using most of the construction paper I was buying. They really only wanted white. So I stopped buying the colored paper and only buy printer paper. They are really happy about that. I stored all the papers into magazine holders so they could easily pull them out and use them without hunting for the “best paper”!

art cart with magazine holders to store kids papers in play room

Pantry Organization

Magazine holders make great holder for onions, potatoes, and other vegetables that need to breathe but have to be stored in a dark area of the home. Plus, it makes your pantry look pretty!

Art Books

To store all those art books, use magazine holders! They make perfect holder for keeping all the books tidy! Group all the coloring books together, activity books together, sticker books together. Then go through each of the books to see if the kids’ already finished the book. If they did, recycle. If they haven’t stack together. Using your magazine holders, store all drawing paper in one. Store all activity books in another. All coloring books in another.

I stored our magazine holders on our art cart. I did this so I could create a drawing station for the kids. All their art supplies are on the cart. You can see how I did that in the Art Organizing video. Our drawing supplies are organized beautifully in the divided turntable. I demoed how to set that up in the turntables video.

Homework Station

Another use is to store homework for the kids when they come home from school! Set the holders near the area they dump their backpack. Then teach them to empty their backpack items into the magazine holder. Then you never have to worry about missing papers at the bottom of their backpacks because they have a designated spot to drop the papers.

Learn how to set up a creation station with art supplies, paper, and tape that make it easy for kids to use and help develop fine motor skills. #organized #kids #art

Bathroom Storage

I have used magazine holders for holding hair products in the bathroom for clients. We have used heavy duty holders for storing curling irons, blow dryers, and their parts.

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Favorite Products

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