Since we moved back into our house after the kitchen renovation, I have been putting off organizing the kids’ clothes in their drawers.  At the time, it was fall going on winter, so I didn’t want to take the time to get the clothes organized and then have to change out the clothes for the season.

Boy was that a mistake!

How To Organize Kids Dresser Drawers LIke A Professional

I guess I needed to take some of my own advice and just organize the drawers and worry about swapping out clothing later.

So I got to work on organizing the kids’ clothes that were in their dresser drawers.  I have a system for clothes that are too small (which I will be sharing later this month)!  Because of that, this was not a major organization overhaul.  This was more of a refining my system organizing session.

Before Drawers Kids

Empty Out Everything

The first step in all my organizing projects is to empty out everything.  I do this for a couple of reasons.  First, it helps you visualize a clear space.  Second, you can actually clean the space you will be working with.  And third, because it is easier when things are not in a specific place if they are not working.

So everything from the drawers were cleared out.  Lying on the floor on the bedroom so I could clean out the drawers.

lining drawers kids bedroom

Line Drawers

Then I lined the drawers.  I always try to line the drawers so that they stay clean.  I typically use wrapping paper.  My secret reason is because if it gets dirty/torn/worn out, I can just recycle it.  I don’t do anything special to keep the wrapping paper “stuck” to the drawer.  I put things over the wrapping paper, which ends up holding it in place.

I have a full tutorial for how I do this over on my YouTube channel!!

Sorting Clothes Kids Organizing

Store In Shoe Boxes

Once all the drawers are lined, it’s time to focus on storing the clothes.  I love using shoe boxes to store clothes.  Seriously!  I even wrote up a post about how I decorate them to make them cute!!

I do this so I can store the clothes standing up.  By standing up clothes, it helps my kids see what they have in their drawers so they can get themselves dressed independently.

I also use these plastic storage baskets if I am running low on shoe boxes.  I feel the balance of the shoe boxes and the plastic storage baskets are perfect for kids.

Seasonal Clothes Drawer Storage

Teach How To Use

Once all the clothes are put away, I spend a good amount of time teaching the kids how to use the system.  This is a HUGE step in keeping kids organized!

I start by going through each drawer and showing the kids what is in each drawer.  Then I grab a load of laundry.  When I am folding the clothes, I ask the kids which drawer that particular item goes.  For my three-year-old, this games lasts for about 2 minutes.  Because of that, I try to do a shirt, pair of pants, underwear, and socks.  Then she goes off and plays.

t-shirt drawer organization

My son, who is 4.5 years old, is starting to help put the clothes away.  I know this is huge!!  I think I got so lucky with him because he is an organized kid…. runs in the family!  He likes to keep things tidy and doesn’t like to hold onto unnecessary thing.  If a shirt is too small, he puts it in the pile of clothes that are too small without me asking!

kids pant drawer organizing

Now, I know not every 4-year-old is like mine, but teaching them how to keep their clothes organized is a life skill that they need to know.  Regardless of how they keep up with the organizational system I created is another thing, but if they can learn to treat their clothing with care, then I know I have taught them a valuable lesson!!

kids pj drawer organization

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sheets drawer organized

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