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How To Get Rid Of Kids Closet Clutter For Good

Learn how a professional organizer gets rid of kids closet clutter. These steps can work for any space and any closet, no matter how you use it!

Do your kids have piles of stuff in their closets? Are you struggling with where to put things inside their drawers? Is there just too much stuff inside the your kids closet? 

Have no fear, because we are going to follow the easiest way to get rid of kids closet clutter for good!

Declutter First

I am sure you are surprised by this tip. But you have to get rid of things first before you can remove the kids closet clutter. 

When I say get rid of, that means move it out of the closet. Maybe into a bin for hand-me-downs for another sibling. Or sell it online. Or donate. Whichever you end up doing is what I mean by “get rid of”.

Now looking at the closet items, there are probably clothing pieces that no longer fit. It that is the case, remove those. 

If there are toys or other items cluttering up the closet, either create a plan for where those items will be stored in the closet, or move them to a different location in that bedroom or different area of the house.

Make It Easy

The number one thing you have to do in your kids closet is to make whatever you plan to do as easy as possible. Do not over-complicate whatever it is you are doing.

But how can you make storing clothing easy?

Keep things they need daily at their level. When my kids were toddlers, I kept their clothing in the bottom two drawers so they could get what they wanted to wear out by themselves. The upper drawers were for things that were off-season. As they grew, I adjusted where their clothing goes. 

Now that they are older, they can create their own organizing system.

Have A System

An organizing system is something that you have to keep your clothing tidy. Maybe you keep all your clothing together or you hang all your clothes or you just throw them on the floor. Whatever you do, that is your system. 

Now some systems may work great, while others don’t. Like dumping all the clothing on the floor.

So try to set up the kids closet in some sort of manner that allows them to put things away easily. And can help them pick what to wear when they want to wear it. 

And you will also want to have a place for unwanted clothes that the kids can easily toss into. Now my daughter is really picky about what she wears. So we have a large reusable bag in her closet that she can put unwanted clothing items. When I notice the bag is full or she tells me, I will collect all those items and share them with another family who takes our hand-me-downs. 

This system is perfect for my daughter to do by herself since she is the picky one with the clothing.


Group Together

Another way to clear the closet clutter is to group like items together. If you have the space, then create drawers for each type of clothing.

But if you don’t, then you can group all the different type of clothing together based on how it is worn. Now I am not talking just about all t-shirts together. You can also group all t-shirts and long sleeve shirts together in a drawer that you can call tops. And all bottoms together in another drawer. 

When you group these items together, make sure that you include dividers in the drawers so that each type of clothing is separated. This helps keep the clothing in different parts of the drawer, which makes it easier for your kiddos to find when they want to wear something!

Clearing Kids Closet Clutter

You have decluttered the closet, make it easy for the kids to use, created a system for keeping everything together, and grouped like items together. But what if you get stuck on one of these steps? 

I have some articles you will enjoy. Find the one that will support you based on your kids closet needs.

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Closet Clean-Out

If you are still struggling with how to clean out the closet, grab my Closet Clean-Out Workbook. This workbook walks you through the decluttering and organizing process!

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My Favorite Kids Closet Organizers

The closet systems we have for both kids closets is Elfa Decor from The Container Store. But I have other closet systems that work wonders as well. You can read those suggestions here. Below are my favorite organizing tools for kids closets.


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