I use to be an elementary school teacher.  My mom use to be an early childhood teacher.  We no longer teach, but we still have our “teacher stuff”.  Most of that “teacher stuff” is books.  Like tons of books.

Now my kids have all those books.  And they have taken over our house!!

How To Store Kids Books To Stay Organized

I know it isn’t a bad problem to have, but the books needed to be tamed.  We had outgrown some of the board books that they loved when they were babies.  But they were still sitting on the shelves in their bedrooms.

That meant it was time to do a major book clean-out!  Before you even think about storing the books, you have to go through them to decide if you want to keep, sell, or donate!

bookshelf kids books organization

Collecting All The Books

We have our books all throughout the house.  I love having spaces for the kids to sit and read whenever they feel like it, and still be close while the other child plays.

To start this entire process, I collected all the kids books from all the areas of our home.  I brought all the books to one designated place… our entryway!  It was the most open space in our house without a lot of other things that could get in the way of organizing the books.

Then, we created piles of books to keep, donate, and sell.  The kids helped with this process so they felt they had a say in what books stayed in the house.

Books Organizing

Distribute Around House

Remove the donate and sell piles for your space, and let’s get to work on the books you plan to keep!

For us, I like keeping books in the kids bedrooms, play room, and basement.  Decide where you like keeping the kids’ books so you know how many piles to make and how to sort them.

I like to keep I Spy, sound books, game-type books, and more engaging books around the house, and calmer books in the bedroom.  We have been really into the Little Critter books, Berenstain Bears, and Clifford books before bed.

bookshelf organization

Storing And Displaying

My main goal when it comes to children’s books is to make sure they are easily accessible, and easy to put away.  I never want to create a system where the kids can’t grab a book whenever they please.

An easy way to store books when you don’t have a bookshelf is to use a large basket with handles.  The handles make it easy for you to carry if you want to move the location of the books.  The basket is perfect because all the books can stand straight up so the kids can see them.

Bookshelves are great to store books so the kids can pull out the book they want to read.  Keep the books standing up and only keep a small amount of books together.  If you put all the books on one large bookshelf, the books will fall all over each other and never have any order ever!  That is because the system didn’t work for the kids.

One way to make the bookshelves smaller is to use a bin and put it on it’s side.  Put books in the bin standing up.  Put a few of these bins on a longer shelf,  making it easy for the kids to put away books and keep the books contained.

Once all the books are put away, teach the kids how to use the system.  Pull out some books and ask the kids to put them back.  This helps give the kids clear expectations for what to do with all the books!

My Favorites

I have tested out almost every type of book organizing contraption there is.  But what I found is that the best products are the simplest.

Product List Book Organization kids

Large Woven Rectangular Basket  ::  Paper-Textured Storage Basket  ::  Utility Basket  ::  Plastic Woven Storage Basket  ::  Charcoal Stackable Storagepalooza  ::  Acrylic Shelf Bookcase



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