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How To Effectively Store Kids Hair Accessories

Through trial and error, I have found how to effectively store kid hair accessories in some creative ways with items you already have in your house!

I’m pretty sure my daughter (or a hair fairy) magically creates extra hair ties, bows, and headbands during the night! I have no idea where they all come from–they just appear all over her room somehow. Recently we refreshed my daughter’s toddler room to a big girl room and after finding hair accessories everywhere I knew we needed a way to effectively organize hair accessories–and fast!

So I took inventory in my house and began to play around with some different organizing tools I love.

Organize hair accessories
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She already has a DIY bow holder that I made when she was first born.  I used an old picture frame and spray painted it.  After removing the back, I stapled some ribbon to the frame.  I hung that frame up using 3M picture hanging strips.

DIY Bow Holder
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That bow holder worked great when all she had was bows and barrettes.  But now we have headbands and hair ties and clips, and I need to find a way to effective store these accessories, while making them accessible to her.  I love that she is able to pick out what she wants to wear in her hair, so I want to keep encouraging her.

The bow holder already has hooks to hold headbands, which ends up being the perfect place to store them!

Repurpose Storage from Around Your Home

All that’s left are hair ties and clips. As I collected them all, I quickly realized that some were starting to break (or were actually mine), so I sorted them and ended up with a much more manageable pile. By repurposing something I already had–a ring holder–I created the perfect place to contain and display the hair ties! They look pretty on my daughter’s shelf, plus she can still access them on her own. Win-win!

hair tie holder ring case
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Next came the hair clips, and I figured since she didn’t have many, I’d combine them with the ties in the ring holder. Well that didn’t last long unfortunately!  So I went on the hunt again and found an old acrylic jewelry drawer organizer, similar to this one that does the trick.

Now all of her clips and some of her (magically appearing) hair ties live in this jewelry drawer organizer.  My daughter thinks it’s so fun to play with, and she can organize the hair accessories all by herself.

I am so happy that I found a way to keep all the hair accessories contained!  Do you have any tricks to effectively store and organize your kids’ hair accessories? I would love to hear from you!



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