Our playroom certainly has gone through some major transformation over the years. It started out where our current living room is. Then moved into the sun room, which got a giant face-lift after our kitchen renovation.

The one piece of furniture that has made the trek in each space are the toy organizer IKEA benches I made years ago!

The benches have grown with our family as our toy situation has changed throughout the years. I have been so happy with how they have held up between the kids jumping off of them, banging them with play pots and pans, and just being in all-around high use!

Playroom Toy Organizer IKEA Bench

We have changed up with bins a few times to fit our families needs. We are currently using these bins that fit perfectly, without any extra space. This is perfect because my kiddos have a ton of cars and trucks, so I needed large bins to hold it all.

I sorted all the toys into different categories after I rounded up each and every toy we had in our home. Then I put everything together. Whatever was missing parts or wasn’t played with were either donated or tossed. Toys went into each bin based on category. I shared how I do my entire toy organizing process so you can do it too!

I also try to keep specific areas in our play room. We have cozy chairs with books to create a reading nook.

Kids Books Organized

The doll house and car garage are together on another wall.

play room decor toy organizer IKEA bench

The play kitchen is near the baskets with the play food and play dishes.

I also keep games and puzzles in our play room so we can play them!

organizing puzzles and games

Cars and trucks get tucked away in the “parking garage” under the play table. It is very useful when cleaning up.

cars and trucks parking lot

I try to keep a minimal amount of toys in the house so the kids are able to find specific toys they are looking to play with.  So whatever doesn’t fit in the play room or in their bedrooms typically gets donated.

So I get asked all the time how to create my toy organizer IKEA benches and realized I never shared how to actually construct them! They are very easy once you get all the materials to make them.

toy organizier IKEA bench

How To Make Toy Organizer IKEA Benches

We started creating these toy organizer IKEA benches by purchasing 2 Kallex shelves. Once put together, we laid the shelves on their side to act as a bench. We also purchased a single Kallex to go in the corner.

I set the toy organizer IKEA benches in an L-shape against two walls.  Next up, I needed to add some cushions to the benches.

toy organizer IKEA bench tutorial


I measured the two benches, and went to Home Depot to purchase wood to use as the base of the cushions. One bench was longer due to the single Kallex in the corner.

Once the wood was brought home, I laid them over the Kallex benches to make sure they fit.

Adding Foam

When I knew they were a fit, I was able to cut some foam mattress material I bought at Target. I bought one queen-size foam mattress cover and one twin foam mattress cover. I did the math, and this was by far the cheapest option!

I cut the foam with a sharp scissors. If you need to get your scissors sharp before you cut, just cut the scissors through aluminum foil.  It totally makes them sharp again!

bench toy organizer IKEA


I covered each bench cushion with batting and fabric. Indoor/outdoor fabric works best for high traffic areas like this. I found this pattern at JoAnn Fabrics and fell in love.  Plus, the grey is the perfect neutral for any space we have moved the benches.

Then I upholstered the fabric to the wood. I followed these steps to staple the fabric to the wood!

Then, once the bench was complete, I added velcro 3M stickers to the wood and adhered that to the IKEA Kallex shelves. My husband helped get the cushion on straight so we were able to have it fit perfectly!

play room decor

So when we moved the toy organizer IKEA benches around, we just removed the velcro and were able to transport the shelves to different areas of the house.

I am so happy with how the toy organizer IKEA benches turned out! They really make a statement in our play room. And they are the best toy storage for our family!

If you are looking for more toy organizing tips, check out The Organized Mama TV where I share my tips for organizing toys!



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