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Organizing Your Lego Parts

Professional organizer shares ways to store and organize Lego parts so the kids can easily find what they are looking for.

We love all the Lego things. The mini figs, building with the bricks, and all the Lego parts. Now there are a few ways you can store those Lego parts, so we are going to showcase our favorite ways below. The Organized Kids decided that they like their Lego parts organized by color. But that may not be for everyone. 

When you are creating a way to organize the Lego parts, make sure that you get the kids involved. Not every kid wants their Lego bricks color coded. Some want their Lego parts all together. While others may be content with them sorted. But get the kids involved in the process and you are sure to have a system that the kids can keep up with since they are the ones who decided how to organize them!

Sorting Lego Bricks By Color

Sorting Lego bricks by color is how my kiddos decided they wanted to store their parts. First we took all of our Lego parts and sorted them into baggies. Once we got an idea of how many were in each color type, we could get bins to store them in. We used the IKEA Kuggis bins to hold the parts. 

We sorted the Lego bricks into these categories:

  • Red/Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown/Tan
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Wheels
  • People
  • Manuals
  • To Sort

Storing Lego Parts By Build

Another way to organize Lego parts is to store the Lego bricks by the builds. This means those kits or boxes you get, you can store all the parts together. I have done this with in-home clients. We stored all the builds in different Ziplock baggies and labeled each one.

Then we used baskets to keep the build baggies together. This allowed the kiddos to pull out a build and either keep working on it or rebuild it. 

how to make a DIY Lego-Compatible Table

Hodge Podge Storage

The original way we would store our Lego bricks was the hodge podge storage. This meant we just had all the bricks in a few bins and the kids would sort through to find what they were looking for. This option is great if your kids don’t want to color code the Lego parts. 

For our storage, we used the portfolio boxes that stacked on top of each other like these. I loved them because they were big enough to hold all the bricks, but shallow enough that the kids can find the parts that they needed when they were looking for them with minimal dumping of all the Lego parts!


More Lego Parts Storing

While these are just a few options, I have a few other ways you can store Lego bricks. 

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DIY Lego-Compatible Table And Storage

DIY Lego-Compatible Table And Storage

Labeling The Lego Bricks

No matter which Lego parts storage option you pick, make sure you label the Lego parts. Even if the bin just says Lego bricks. The reason being is that it helps the kids know where to find what they are looking for. It makes clean up so much easier. And it helps them keep track of their things without you having to do all the work.

I have Lego brick labels here!

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