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Packing for a Flight With a Baby

Learn why you should put everything on a list when packing for a flight with a baby, and other useful tips when it comes to packing for a flight with a baby

About a month ago we went to Arizona for a family vacation.  It was such a perfect time to get away from the midwest because the weather was being so cold.  It was about 105 degrees in Arizona during the day but around 80 at night.  This weather would be perfect for us midwesterners looking to get into some warm weather for the week. But we were new parents traveling, so we needed to make sure that when we are packing for a flight with a baby, we got all the items we needed to survive a week in a different place with a baby!

So I created this article to share my best packing tips when traveling with a baby on a flight! We did make sure to bring plenty of items to keep him busy when he was awake on the plane, along with headphones and tons of treats for ourselves!

Packing for a flight with a baby

Make Lists And Include Everything When Packing For A Flight With A Baby

So about a week before the trip, I began thinking about packing. We decided that between the three of us we would only bring two carry-on size suitcases, Ben’s golf clubs, a diaper bag and the stroller.

Once I figured out which suitcases we would need, I began making my lists.  Crazy puppy stayed at my in-laws so I had to pack a few things to keep him occupied for the week!
Lay Out Clothes

Pull Out All Your Outfits Before You Pack

I gathered up all of my clothes and made sure I had enough outfits for the weather.  I laid them out on the bed to make sure I had everything I needed.  I always found it much easier to see everything then pack, rather then pack as you pull things out.  This way, I can get rid of items that do not work with outfits I have already put together!  I then pulled the outfit I would wear on the plane and set that aside so I didn’t pack it.

Roll And Pack Clothes With Bulky On Bottom

Like I always do, I took the bigger items such as pants and sweaters and rolled them.  This makes up the bottom layer of the suitcase.  I made sure I pushed everything in there nice and tight to get as much room on the bottom layer of the suitcase as possible.  This also helps with reducing wrinkles in your clothes if you make sure they are rolled smoothly.  I didn’t have any dressy tops or pants, but if I did, I would get a garbage bag or dry cleaner bag and roll the clothing item in that bag.  If you get all of the air out, you won’t get any wrinkles in your clothes!

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Packing Suitcase With Baby

Pack Smaller Things Last

Next, I put all of the smaller items such as tank tops and my swim suits in the suitcase.  I made sure to roll all of the smaller items and squish them in there so that my clothes only took up one layer in the suitcase.

When packing for a flight with a baby, I made sure that the smaller items for the baby were packed last.  Again, I laid everything out on the bed before packing. I wanted to make sure I had enough of everything for him. I know we would have a washer and dryer at my parent’s place, but I felt it better to be safe than sorry with his things.

Store Shoes With Socks In The Zippered Part Of The Suitcase

I took all of his clothes and rolled them all to make a second layer in the suitcase with my clothing.  I left out his diapers, wipes, bottles and sheets.  This suitcase had plastic zippers to hold items, so I used that to store extra formula, and our liquids, along with my undergarments.

Finally, I took out Ben’s clothes and laid them on the bed.

Put Dressy Clothes In Garbage Bag And Roll

I started with his pants and shorts and rolled them up to make the bottom layer of the other suitcase.  Then I took his shirts and rolled them up to create a second layer in the suitcase.  Since he brought some polo shirts, I had to pack them so that they wouldn’t get wrinkled because I hate ironing.  I made sure to fold the shirt into thirds, then I rolled them starting at the bottom of the shirt and rolling toward the collar.  I have found this to be a much better way to travel with polo shirts as the collar does not get bent out of shape.

I used the mesh part of the suitcase to store my shoes, diapers, bowls, spoons and bottles.  We put the Hubs’ shoes in his golf bag.

Finally, I packed the remaining items for the baby in the suitcase.

Utilize All The Space In The Diaper Bag When Packing For A Flight With A Baby 

In the diaper bag, I had a bottle cooler with pre-made bottles of formula, LOTS of diapers, wipes, some toys, my iPad and a changing pad.  One of my girlfriends recommended a changing pad with a strap on it so it makes it more manageable to carry to the bathroom.  This worked wonders seeing as the baby only slept for 40 minutes of the three and a half hour flight!

I can say that by making the lists, laying everything out really helped keep us organized.  The only problem we ran into was the fact that I didn’t drive to the airport.  If I would have driven, we would have had a key to my parents’ place once we got to Arizona!  It was the one thing I left off my list.  Trust me, I will never forget something like that again!  I definitely learned my lesson.  EVERYTHING goes on the list!

Favorite Items To Use When Packing



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