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5 Transformation Tips For Playroom Ideas On A Budget

When it comes to playroom ideas on a budget, these 5 transformation tips are perfect for ways you can turn your playroom from blah to beautiful.

It can be tricky to figure out how to set up a playroom. I know I have done tons of playroom ideas posts, but what I noticed what that there are 5 tips that run through all those posts for how you can transform your playroom.  We are focusing on budget-friendly ways to turn your playroom from blah to beautiful.

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5 Transformation Tips For Playroom Ideas On A Budget

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Keep It Simple

When it comes to playroom ideas, the simple ones are the best ones. So whenever we are organizing a client’s playroom, we try to keep the space as simple as possible. Start by removing all extra items that shouldn’t be in the playroom like extra furniture or toys that are no longer played with.

Then only keep toys that the kids play with. If you are displaying toys from your childhood, make sure that you limit the collection.

Paint The Room

Another easy way to transform your playroom is to paint the room! Start by painting the room a cozy color. For our playroom, we decided to paint the ceiling! It was an easy way to transform the space simply by adding color. To see the full tutorial for how we painting the room, watch the video below.

For our playroom, we used Sherwin Williams Naval for the ceiling and upper part of the wall. The bottom portion is painted in Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey.

Create Order

There are tons of playroom ideas out on the Internet, but the biggest tip I have seen consistently is to organize the playroom. It is as simple as that! Because you cannot fully transform a space unless there is some order, it is the easiest (and cheapest) way to change a space.

Start by watching your kids play with their toys and notice any patterns of toys they are not playing with. Those are the toys you can donate or sell. Keep the toys they actually play with. Put those toys into specific bins for each category. Don’t just dump all the toys into one large bin. It isn’t going to be an organized playroom. It will just be a mess. So make sure you store each type of toy in a separate bin. This will also help the kids clean up because they know what goes in each bin.

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Limit Color

Another playroom idea is to limit the amount of color you have in the room. Back in my teaching days, I would get so distracted when I walked into classrooms with tons of bright color and lots of stuff going on. That is the same thing for your playroom. Make sure you keep the color combinations to a minimum. And take notice of the playrooms you are loving on Pinterest. Notice a pattern?? They are typically 2-4 colors in the room. Take note because this is key for setting up your playroom.

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Make It Inviting 

Now I know what you are thinking…how can I limit color but still make it inviting?? Well that is easy!! Simply add cozy furniture like a fluffy rug or cozy chairs. Also adding the kids’ artwork around the room helps keep the kids feeling like the space belongs to them.

These 5 transformation tips for playroom ideas on a budget are perfect to help you create a functional and beautiful playroom without spending a ton of money…especially when the kids grow so quickly!!

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